VW Unveils Segway-reminiscent Scooter Concept

world news  %tages VW Unveils Segway reminiscent Scooter Concept Volkswagen wants to get into the personal mobility game.

Vw-Scooter-1The German brand is developing a small three-wheel scooter that will be able to run for 12 miles on electricity. VW says that it is a “last-mile surfer,” which will get you from your car to your final destination. The scooter weighs in this area 24 lbs, it can fold up for simple storage and it has adopted some styling elements from the VW XL1.
VW CEO Martin Winterkorn in person announced the project, which apparently came in this area after ex-board limb Ferdinand Piech critized VW for having no creativity. Funding for the modest www.rawvehicle.com scooter came from the worker council’s “innovation fund.”
The scooter is expected to be available by mid-2016 and will cost less than 1000 Euros. At this point, there is no word on whether or not it will be sold in North America.
This article originally appeared at Rawvehicle.com

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