VW Diesels May Have Spewed Almost 1M Tons of Extra Pollution Annually

world news  %tages VW Diesels May Have Spewed Almost 1M Tons of Extra Pollution Annually Volkswagen and its TDI diesel engines could be reliable for nearly one-million tons of extra pollution per year.
Now that it has been outed that Volkswagen rigged diesel emissions tests on 11-million cars, an analysis by The Guardian suggests those vehicles may be reliable for nearly one-million extra tons of air pollution annually.
The report found that vehicles in the U.S. likely expelled between 10,392 and 41,571 tons of NOx into the air each year, if those vehicles covered the average annual U.S. mileage. Now if those diesel vehicles really complied with EPA standards, they would have emitted just 1,039 tons of NOx each year. That www.rawvehicle.com also means worldwide, the defective VW vehicles could be reliable for 237,161 to 948,691 tons of extra NOx emissions annually.
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The German automaker has been under fire all week long, watching its stock price plummet and executives getting dismissed. VW CEO Martin Winterkorn resigned and the U.S. Chief is expected to be dismissed sometime soon. The company has recalled 482,000 VW and Audi vehicles in the U.S. and now it’s unclear how the automaker will fix the issue. Dealers are also impacted by a stop-sale peacefulness on the four-cylinder TDI models until a fix is in place.
The Guardian
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