Video Catches Tesla Model X Testing New Sensors

world news  %tages Video Catches Tesla Model X Testing New Sensors The Tesla Model X has been caught on camera testing new sensors.
In an age where the vast majority of public have a record camera in their pocket, it’s no surprise that companies like Tesla can’t test their vehicles in concord. Recently, one driver in Berkeley, California, probably broke a law to film the Tesla Model X testing on public roadways, and it appears that the American electric automaker is using some new sensors that look quite mysterious.
A series of suction cups along with wiring can be seen on the adjoin of the car and on the roof and could be related to the company’s self-pouring technology. We won’t really speculate on what Tesla could be working on or testing with its Model X, but it does look like the luxury all-electric crossover is nearing production just like its CEO Elon Musk has promised. The Tesla Model X will make its official debut later this year ahead of its first deliveries in the third quarter.
Warning: The record quality leaves something to be desired with the phone changing orientation, and the driver by no means turned off the radio in his Ford (we know it’s a Ford because the camera drifted to his steering wheel and in other directions).

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