Unlike its Cars, Lamborghini HQ Now Greener

world news  %tages Unlike its Cars, Lamborghini HQ Now Greener Lamborghini is the first company to receive a certification under the “Carbon Neutrality” program by DNV GL.
DNV GL is one of the leading environmental risk management classification, verification and service companies in the world and, according to Lamborghini, new trigeneration and district heating systems help lead the company to receiving a CO2-neutral certification for the entire plant. The trigeneration plant is located surrounded by the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory and produces electricity, heating and cooling using natural gas. The Italian automaker aims to have the plant fueled by Biogas by 2017 to reduce CO2 emissions even additional.
Lamborghini is also the first automaker in Italy to www.rawvehicle.com incorporate a district heating system that distributes hot water within the factory, coming from a biogas cogeneration plant located in this area four miles from the company.
Other projects have also been implemented by Lamborghini to reduce CO2 emissions including the installation of one of the Emilia Romagna’s industrial sector’s leading photovoltaic plants, as well as a cogeneration plant and other advanced energy-saving systems.
Of course, there’s a bit of irony in the certification, considering Lamborghini vehicles get some of the worst fuel economy in the world and their CO2 emissions aren’t much better. But at least the Italian automaker is making it up in the manufacturing process.
“Sustainability is one of our company objectives and we subscribe to a www.rawvehicle.com strong undertaking of environmental responsibility towards our stakeholders and the area where the company operates,” said Stephan Winkelmann, Automobili Lamborghini President and CEO. “The new plant and the certification we have earned today are part of our sustainable progression program. Our goal is to keep the plant CO2-neutral, even after the expansion that will take place in the upcoming years with the introduction of the third Lamborghini model.”
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