Texas-Based Company Giving Away 10 New Teslas

world news  %tages Texas Based Company Giving Away 10 New Teslas By no means mind that Texas is in a stand-off with Tesla over rights to open stores, Stream is bringing 10 new Model S sedans to its Dallas headquarters to give away for free.
The company, a “provider of air force for the connected home, including Energy Air force, Mobile Air force and Protective Air force,” will do the honors this Saturday as a perk for its top performers.
“We always strive to reward our associates with unusual perks for their dedication and hard work,” said Mark “Bouncer” Schiro, president and CEO, Stream. “Like Tesla, Stream is committed to innovation and revolutionary thoughts, so the choice www.rawvehicle.com to offer an all-electric Tesla was a exact contest.”

The National Directors who received Teslas include:
Presley and Jeanie Swagerty
Steve and Diane Fisher
Greg and Heather McCord
Randy and Marcie Ring fence
Mark and La Dohn Dean
Brian and Beth Lucia
Donny and Susan Anderson
Mark Florez
Ryan Morris
Trey and Sally Dyer
“It’s been an incredible journey, and it’s a fantastic time to be a Stream Associate,” said Presley Swagerty, one of Stream’s new National Directors and Stream’s top earner. “We are so grateful to Stream for all that the company has helped make a reality for us – financial freedom, time freedom and unusual awards like this brand-new Tesla.”
Naturally, the Teslas also draw focus on www.rawvehicle.com the company which is looking for new recruits.

It says of itself “the Stream Opportunity gives public the chance to earn monthly income. Associates receive bonuses and incentives in addition to their Monthly Earned Income (MEI) on the path to National Director, including all-inclusive vacations, cruises and car programs.”
If you are thought of applying to work with the company, unstated is whether a Model S will again be given, but they don’t look like they’re lacking in the generaosity department.

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