Tesla To Name ‘At Least Two’ Sites For Gigaplant

world news  %tages Tesla To Name ‘At Least Two’ Sites For Gigaplant Yesterday Bloomberg reported Tesla Motors will break ground for at least two sites it’s now considering, and is “getting close“ to announcing these sites.
“What we’re going to do is go forward with more than one state, at least two, all the way to breaking ground, just in case there’s last-minute issues,” said CEO Elon Musk in an interview Monday. “The No. 1 thing is we want to lessen the risk timing for the gigafactory to get up and in succession.”
The goal is to have Tesla’s BMW 3-Series competitor internally called “Gen 3″ in production in around three years.
As reported in February, states named www.rawvehicle.com as contenders were Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas.
The estimated $5 billion plant would enable “mass market” production room and drive down the price of li-ion batteries. As many as 6,500 employees could eventually be involved in a gigaplant.
Why wasn’t California one of the contenders?
Musk said it was because of the amount of time needed to gain environmental and regulatory approval.
“California has a lot of regulatory agencies, and although this will be a very green factory, we can’t have a circumstances where an enormous amount of data has to be processed by a regulatory agency to find no significant impression and then give us approval to proceed,” he said.
On Monday Musk said also design and www.rawvehicle.com prep work to assemble Gen 3 has to be done in parallel with the gigafactory.
“There are a lot of moving parts, a idiotic amount of moving parts,” Musk said. “If there’s a laggard there, we’ll have this massive gift and a ton of public trained and no skill to recoup revenue. It will be quite a terrible circumstances.”
Bloomberg’s tale said the word on two gigaplant locations was first said by Musk in China to the Associated Press.

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