Tesla ‘Snake’ Automatically Plugs In The Juice

world news  %tages Tesla ‘Snake’ Automatically Plugs In The Juice Is it possible a Tesla thought is not exactly a total instant hit?
The jury’s out, but beyond those who express approval, descriptions found around the Web in response to a prototype automatic metallic “snake” charging device have included “creepy,” “scary,” and more inappropriate connotations have also come to the mind of observers.
A record shows the simple operation of a robotic device that gets close to sci-fi but does modest more thn save Tesla owners the distress of having to plug in the electric vehicle supply equipment by hand.
More than half a year ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted it was coming:
Here its www.rawvehicle.com is. For realz.
The device as it now works takes a bit over half a minute to plug in. It could also work in conjunction with automatic park functions, and Musk said it will work with all future Tesla’s as well.

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