Tesla P85D Versus P90D Street Race Video

world news  %tages Tesla P85D Versus P90D Street Race Video You knew someone would do it, and so here it is – a Tesla P85D versus Tesla P90D drag race.
Drag Times found what looks like a deserted stretch to stage the sprint between Tesla’s two highest-performance all-wheel-drive Model S versions.
Tesla says the P85D delivers 691 cattle and the P90D delivers 762.
Both cars are in their respective fastest modes – “Insane” for P85D and “Ludicrous” for P90D.
Some have started to say these races are a waste of time, and miss the point of electric cars, but in other circles it’s become one of Tesla’s claims to fame.
At any rate, the 56-second clip www.rawvehicle.com speaks for itself. Delight in.

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