Tesla Model X With Ludicrous Speed Will Be Even Quicker Than Some Thought

world news  %tages Tesla Model X With Ludicrous Speed Will Be Even Quicker Than Some Thought While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the quickest Model X P90D will sprint from to 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, Tesla is telling buyers of the crossover due soon its “Ludicrous” mode will do 3.2 seconds.
Zero-to-60 mph in 3.2 seconds along with a manufacturer-estimated quarter mile time of 11.7 seconds will make the Model X P90D one quick crossover, 0.1 second behind a Model S P85D, and maybe quicker to 60 than the new Jeep Track Hawk.

Automotive News reported a rear-wheel-drive Track Hawk at 3.5-seconds thanks to its 6.2-liter, 707-horsepower V8 engine infusion from the Dodge Hellcats. Motor Authority posted a rumor that www.rawvehicle.com someone from a dealer assemble suggested 2.7 seconds, which would only be possible with all-wheel-drive.
It’s unclear whether all wheel drive is indeed pending, but if Jeep is deliberating and still has the option, it might want to consider it if 0-60 bragging rights are needed.
Or, just as Jeep is otherwise garnering boasting rights over its completely over-the-top SUV, an electric car from Tesla will tromp on a Dodge-engined vehicle yet again.
But if so, Jeep will not be alone. The Tesla P90D’s 3.2 seconds 0-60 time also beats a 3.9-second Camaro ZL-1, a 3.8-second Porsche Cayenne turbo, a 3.7-second Corvette Stingray, a 3.6-second Aston Martin Vanquish, and more than half a dozen other elite production sports cars.
www.rawvehicle.com Not terrible for a grocery getter that can take a flock of kids to soccer do.
From actual Tesla ordering screen accessible only to paid reservation holders..
Unsaid is the Tesla’s trap speed at the end of the 11.7-seconds quarter, but the Teslas are known to do well by virtue of initial acceleration, not so much their over-100-mph ripping potential. Drag races against very quick cars have seen Tesla get the jump, but then certain cars have begun quick on them toward the middle of the quarter mile to the end and beyond.
Consumer Reports has already shown the Teslas with AWD comes Hole-Shot-Aggravate approved, and pulls from zero like nothing with gas in their category.
In CR’s testing, a www.rawvehicle.com Model S P85D was timed against a Dodge Challenger Hellcat – which loans its engine to the Jeep Track Hawk – and the Tesla’s initial acceleration decimates the mighty Dodge.
The Dodge tested with data-acquisition equipment pulled a most 0.83g and 0-30 in 2.3 seconds. By contrast the P85D hits 0-30 in 1.3 seconds, and accelerated to 1.02 g nearly immediately.
Acceleration of Model S P85D and Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Not Dodge pulls harder after 2.6 seconds and keeps pulling harder all the way up. Source: Consumer Reports.
Because the release-speed Tesla is a street car, not posed as a track star, it does give most visceral rush from Go to above highway legal speeds, but does not keep pulling www.rawvehicle.com as hard past 100-mph when multi-speed gas cars are pulling harder.
But the Model X P90D may still beat the Jeep in a quarter mile. A Jeep Track Hawk’s top speed may be close to 200 assuming they don’t governor limit it.
A 155 mph Model X but is not catering as fully to the sensibility of ancient-guard motor heads. It is first a family car, a pricey one which can option out to around $145,000, but it is road oriented, intended as such, and not a track car.
But, it is idiotic quick just for the fun of it. Could this mean when Mom starts getting requests to stomp the P90D’s pedal, she can negotiate postponing that trip to www.rawvehicle.com Disney World and the kids will take the deal?

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