Tesla Model X Photographed Testing on the Road

world news  %tages Tesla Model X Photographed Testing on the Road The Tesla Model X has been caught testing on the streets of California yet again.
Reddit user Splido has shared some photos of a Model X prototype testing in Newark, California, and it appears that the American electric automaker is testing a possible latch failure on the unique Falcon doors, based on the gap seen lining up to the rear fender. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a white Model X testing, especially with the headlights and tail lights obscured by paint-matched covers. But those fearing that the Model X will have alignment or quality issues, worry not, as it’s honestly standard for automakers to www.rawvehicle.com test doors that aren’t latched all the way to see how they perform.
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Tesla is expected to start deliveries of the Model X later this year after having been delayed several times. Last month, a black prototype was spotted pouring around northern California with numerous sensors on its body, hinting that Tesla is additional developing its autonomous pouring technologies. The company reportedly has more than 24,000 reservations for the Model X, which was originally going to launch as a 2014 model year but will now be a 2016 model.
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