Tesla Adds Six-Passenger Seat Layout For Model X

world news  %tages Tesla Adds Six Passenger Seat Layout For Model X Tesla has start offering a six-passenger layout for its Model X as an option to the seven-passenger arrangement.
The photos are screen captures from its online ordering Design Studio, and the six-passenger seating appears to be a new addition because it was existing to someone who already configured a Signature s couple weeks ago.

At the time, the six-passenger layout was not existing, but Tesla kindly called and gave the person one day to choose which way he wanted to go for his $145,000 crossover. It will not slow down the build process, and it appears Tesla is being open to customer wishes, and www.rawvehicle.com per usual, evolving as it goes.
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The two middle row seats go fore and aft independently, but the three abreast in the seven-passenger style go as a unit.
It appears there is no cost differential. Which option would you choose?

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