Watch the Falcon Wing Doors Operate On Tesla Model X

Watch the Falcon Wing Doors Operate On Tesla Model X An amateur record uploaded to YouTube has given us a new look at the Tesla Model X falcon wing doors in action.
The Tesla Model X is the automaker’s third vehicle and will officially launch on Tuesday at an event held in Fremont, Calif. One of the most unique features of the Model X will be its falcon wing doors, which open vertically, nearly like gull-wing doors. The variation is that the falcon wings are double hinged, so they don’t swing out to the side of the vehicle.
In the record, we can see one of the falcon wing doors opening and finishing, though this test mule requires the driver to hop out and end finishing the door.
This month, Tesla invited Model X Signature Edition buyers to configure their cars, which start at $133,200. These models include the 90-kWh battery with the electric motors providing 503 horsepower to all four wheels, giving the Model X a zero-to-60 time of 3.8 seconds. Pricing and power details on other models has not yet been revealed.
Check back tomorrow for more info on the Model X launch event which will likely include details on the new all-electric crossover. Read more

German Tuner Mansory Offers Surprisingly Subtle Model S Upgrades

German Tuner Mansory Offers Surprisingly Subtle Model S Upgrades Mansory has revealed its version of the Tesla Model S and surprisingly it’s not that idiotic.
The Germany-based tuner is well known worldwide for its aggressive creations, but with the Tesla Model S, Mansory chose to take a different approach. Using ultra-light carbon fiber, Mansory has outfitted the Model S with a newly designed adjoin apron with integrated LED daytime in succession lights, side skirts, a rear spoiler lip and a rear apron with diffuser insert.
“Nothing looks pretentious or ostentatious,” Mansory said, though we’ll note the new look puts the finishing touch on making the EV look indistinguishable from an ICE.
The Model S deliberately blocks off the adjoin end because air intake is not needed for a radiator. This vehicle looks like it could just as well have a supercharged V8 under the hood. Read more

Top 5 Most Efficient Nationally Available EVs

Top 5 Most Efficient Nationally Available EVs Electric vehicles (EVs) are nice, especially when you can get them.
If you live in California, home of 50 percent of the U.S. plug-in electrified vehicle sales and where more were bought during 2014 than in all of China, then for you it’s no doubts.
But for the rest of the country, availability can be hit or miss for 13 EVs tailor made for the Golden State’s zero emission vehicle rules because their makers keep several as limited market, and two – Honda’s Fit and Toyota’s RAV4 EV have stopped production.
This state of affairs and so-called “compliance cars” has been a lament of electrification supporters who see opportunity for EVs beyond mere compliance with rules by slow-to-change automakers.
Among automobiles, there are none more energy efficient than the new crop of EVs.
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Following but are the top five EVs sold in all 50 states by peacefulness of their EPA-rated miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe). Links for additional reading are to be found for each entry.
These cars promise zero emissions, silent, charming operation, and simplified maintenance with no internal combustion drivetrain to attend to.
5. Tesla Model S 70D – 101 MPGe combined (101 City / 102 Hwy) Read more

Volkswagen To Build 20 New Electrified Car Models For China

Volkswagen To Build 20 New Electrified Car Models For China In the “near future,” Volkswagen plans a fleet of more than 20 electrified vehicle models for the Chinese market.
As part of Volkswagen’s recent sustainability report, Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann wrote in this area the different supplies for the Chinese market and how Volkswagen plans to address them.
Heizmann, a limb of Volkswagen’s assemble board of management with responsibility for China, expounded these plans in his essay, “Electrifying China With a Tailor-Made Efficiency Strategy.”
The strategy will include a wide selection of vehicles, said Heizmann, “from small cars to generous sedans and SUVs, from plug-in hybrids to all-electric drives.”
But disparate Lexus, which recently declared that it will focus on hybrid over plug-in vehicles, Heizmann said Volkswagen will concentrate on plug-in hybrids.
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“I reckon we should be aware that plug-in hybrid power is the best key in the small and medium term. Perhaps the development of all-electric vehicles can be realized in the long run,” said Heizmann.
In peacefulness for electric vehicles to become more successful, Heizmann listed three concerns that need to be tackled. The first is to build a better rechargeable battery.
“We need to find solutions to facilitate the development of highly efficient batteries. And at component level we need to consider how to additional improve energy conservation in both conventionally powered and electric models,” Heizmann said.
The price of electrified vehicles also needs to be reduced to more affordable levels that are on par with gas-only vehicles.
“For the time being, electric vehicle technologies are very costly, so customers need to obtain a government subsidy in peacefulness to buy an electric vehicle,” clarified Heizmann. “For one thing, battery technology costs need to be additional reduced; for another, costs can also be reduced by rising quantities or through volume production.
“We expect future electric vehicles to achieve the same price levels as square models.”
Jochem Heizmann limb of the board Volkswagen automobile assemble, pictured on October 10, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)
Developing a region-wide standard for charging stations is also vital to the success of electrified vehicles, said Heizmann.
“Our plug-in hybrids do not require special charging facilities and they can easily be exciting overnight at ordinary household sockets,” Heizmann clarified.
“But, when we consider all-electric vehicles, a quick-charging infrastructure should first be place in place. So for the future of electric mobility it is essential that common standards for quick charging should be defined immediately.
“China has not established any unified standard in this regard so far. Now, for example, you cannot drive an all-electric vehicle from Beijing to Shanghai and rely on charging along the way. This is because the infrastructure has not been completed yet – and even once it is, the standard may not be complete.
“To this end, we need dependable, stable technologies. This way, in the future we can channel our development investments in the aptly direction and contribute towards advancing plug-in hybrid technologies.”
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While the Chinese market differs from Europe and the U.S., Heizmann said that Volkswagen’s choice to add so many electrified vehicles is also due to China’s stricter emissions standards.
“The guideline to reduce CO2 emissions in China to a fleet fuel consumption of 5L [per 100 km], is even more challenging than the 95 g/km target for 2020 set by the European Union. The explanation is very simple: in China only 1 percent of cars have a diesel engine and there is a inclination for more spacious vehicles which naturally are heavier,” said Heizmann.
Though meeting these emission standards is vital, Heizmann said that design can’t be sacrificed for function.
“We cannot allow the electric car to be a compromise on wheels. It has to be exact in each way – technically mature, practical, safe and affordable.”

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Study Finds Millennials Like Cars, Tend To Dislike EVs

Study Finds Millennials Like Cars, Tend To Dislike EVs A couple of the findings from the 2015 Continental Mobility Study include that contrary to widely held beliefs, millennials reckon pouring is vital, but they don’t see electric vehicles as viable transportation options in the medium term.
Unknown is whether these findings shall continue on ad infinitum or prove as transitory as the newest fashion. But, car makers are interested in “millenials” – that elusive species of public aged 18-34 that marketers want to get surrounded by the head of so they could figure them out and sell them stuff. Like cars.
It’s common knowledge that young public prefer iPhones and Twitter to automobiles and in-person interaction, or is it? According to Conti’s research 84 percent of respondents between the ages of 16 and 25 believe pouring is vital. Surprisingly, 76 percent of these individuals drive just in this area each day. Read more

10 Million Porsche Facebook Fans Leads To 918 Spyder Drive

10 Million Porsche Facebook Fans Leads To 918 Spyder Drive A lucky soul will get to drive a Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid over 622 miles to celebrate the company’s Facebook page reaching 10 million likes.
Porsche chose to hold this special drive through England and the lucky driver will be Ingo Georges Vandenberghe from Austria.
Ingo won the chance to be at the wheel in a competition hosted on the Porsche Facebook page to celebrate the landmark of reaching 10 million Facebook fans worldwide.
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VW Presents PHEV Sport Coupé Concept GTE

VW Presents PHEV Sport Coupé Concept GTE Volkswagen will reveal the plug-in hybrid Sport Coupé Concept GTE at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show.
The concept combines a new design language for the brand with different directions Volkswagen intends to take its plug-in hybrid powertrains, identified with the GTE designation.
“This breathtakingly dynamic coupé is disparate any other to grow in this class,” said Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser, Volkswagen Brand Board Limb for Development. ‘The design of the Sport Coupé Concept GTE is an impressive alternative to the classic sedans of the B and C segments—it has the style of a sport coupé that is enriched by the functionality of a generous hatchback and the interior space of a sedan.” Read more

Porsche 919 Hybrid Tested In Abu Dhabi

Porsche 919 Hybrid Tested In Abu Dhabi Porsche’s testing of its 919 Hybrid Le Mans prototype race car started yesterday.
Extensive testing of the second generation of Porsche’s Le Mans prototype started this previous weekend on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit. As scheduled, this marks the start of the 2015 motorsport season for the Porsche Team.
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Porsche said the new Porsche 919 Hybrid has already had its roll-out on the Weissach test track. As a next step, there will be several performance and endurance tests before the WEC season opener on April 12 in Silverstone, Fantastic Britain. Read more