New Chevrolet Volt Ads Attack Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius

New Chevrolet Volt Ads Attack Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius  
Compared to the 2016 Chevy Volt, a Nissan Leaf could leave you stranded, and it’s at least far from range-anxiety free. Similarly, the 2016 Toyota Prius uses 1990s tech in its NiMh battery.
These assertions are not ours, but, but the gist of new attack advertisements Chevrolet has in store to wake public up to the new 53-mile EV range, Volt. The ads are set to debut online this fall, and also on TV.
“We’re going to go head-to-head with Leaf and Prius,” said Chevrolet’s global chief marketing officer, Tim Mahoney in a report by Ad Age. “The ads allow Chevrolet to talk in one way and they allow Chevrolet’s personality to come through. We’re going to be taking more risks.”
This revelation was given to journalists in San Francisco as the automaker has begun shipping first units to California and 10 other states following California emissions rules, and where Mahoney says it has sold the best.
2016 will be a small model year, the rest if the U.S. will get a 2017 model year beginning next spring, but meanwhile the offensive is on.
The Volt, launched its first generation in 2011 and was nearly hidden in plain sight. The car came on te heels of a bankruptcy, bailout, restructuring, and the Volt was a poster child for Republican election hopefuls because Obama backed it.
Chevrolet caught lots of criticism for not marketing it effectively nationwide, and even seemed to tuck its tail between its legs, revealing in January 2014 it has stopped advertising Volt outside California and tech fairs where public could comprehend its value.
Despite that, the Volt was, when objectively examined, really disruptive and now ads themselves will be disruptive for generation two in a mildly confrontational sort of way.
This psychology will include a scene with Leaf drivers stuck between floors in an elevator, an unnerving encounter, to get the point crosswise of an EV being stuck. Getting caught out of juice in a world oriented toward gasoline is no fun – especially when recharging takes a while for the Leaf unless you run out coincidentally at one of the few level 3 quick chargers out there.
What was not reported is the new 2016 Leaf will offer as much as 106 miles range – no doubt to counter the upgraded Volt as Leaf sales have start to fade compared to last year.
And the new Prius will son be shown in a higher-efficienct “eco” version which may have li-ion battery pioneered since 2012 in the plug-in Prius – and it will have superior fuel economy.
But the extended-range electric Volt is unique with skill to run on electricity then seamlessly switch to its 1.5-liter gas engine for hybrid mode.
Those who get it, well, they get it. But Chevrolet is trying to get past a public with apparent Volt blindness to see whether it can beat analysts predictions on tepid sales.
Mahoney said the attack ad thought is part of a “shattering perceptions” strategy that has increased brand perception by 3 percent.
The base Volt starts at $33,995, in this area $1,115 less than last year while delivering significantly longer EV range, and better mileage in gas operation at 42 mpg.
Ad Age

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Acura Delays NSX Production

Acura Delays NSX Production Production on the new Acura NSX has been quietly delayed.
Originally scheduled to start production this fall, the Japanese automaker subtly revealed that NSX production is now scheduled to start in spring 2016 although trial production is already underway. The news comes from a press release from Acura detailing the new Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio where the Acura NSX will be produced. The delay also means that the hybrid sports car will no longer arrive as a 2016 model but a 2017.
Honda didn’t release any details on why the NSX’s production has been delayed, though an original delay in the car’s creation came in this area when Honda chose to switch from a naturally-aspirated V6 hybrid to a twin-turbo V6 hybrid.
With the addition of mandatory induction, the Japanese automaker had to develop a longitudinal V6 engine which added time to the engineering process. As for its official sale date, a company summit with dealers is now scheduled for October, when the company will not only answer that inquiry but determine the car’s pre- and at-launch marketing strategy.
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How Much Does the 2016 Chevy Volt Cost and Why it Matters

How Much Does the 2016 Chevy Volt Cost and Why it Matters As General Motors anticipates launch of its 2016 Chevy Volt after this summer, it has promoted the new car’s superiority, begun screening build specs online, but unknown is the sticker price.
Will GM price and market the second-generation Volt effectively and let it transcend the dues-paying 2011-2015 Volt, or as speculators and at least one alternative-energy analyst suggest, will sales remain relatively flat relegating it indefinitely to being a green halo?
Touchy Subject
Cost can be a sensitive issue and with GM and its extended-range electric vehicle and this is especially right as price and the Volt have a storied history.
Prior to the original 2011 model’s December 2010 launch, talk had been of it coming in below $30,000, but that back-of-napkin guesstimate soon proved unrealistic, and when GM slapped a nearly $40,000 sticker on its compact Chevy, eyebrows were raised.
In 2013, following the lead of Nissan, and others, the Volt’s price was dropped to just below $35,000 before potential subsidies, and so a key inquiry these days is what will it question for the 2016? Read more

Cadillac Announces Quicker 2016 ELR Priced $10,000 Cheaper

Cadillac Announces Quicker 2016 ELR Priced $10,000 Cheaper A previously expected refresh for the Cadillac ELR was canceled last month in Geneva but today the automaker announced the 2016 model will be quicker and cost less.
Base pricing was lopped a full $10,000 to $65,995 before incentives and this includes delivery fees.
The ELR now boasts a 0-60 time of as low as 6.4 seconds – that’s 1.5-seconds quicker than the ancient model making the ELR now decidedly more peppy than the Volt upon which it is based. Top speed has been slightly elevated to 106 mph.
Base models see range from their 17.1-kwh battery boosted to 39 miles – a figure reported July 2014 as likely when the ELR got the 17.1-kwh battery at the production line changeover last year but EPA certification for the 16.5 was 37 miles range.
Astute readers will note the ELR’s powertrain remains based upon the generation-one Volt’s system with 1.4-liter range extender, and without the new 1.5-liter regular-gas-compatible unit in the Volt or the new 18.4-kwh battery that lets the 2016 Volt travel 50 e-miles.
The ELR’s 0-60 time comes courtesy of new software that adds in the gas engine to mix together with the electric drive in a 174 kilowatt Sport mode max drive feature.
Most torque is stated at 373 pounds-feet, and the plush vehicle rides on a superior suspension which GM has upgraded as well. Read more

Ford Cuts Price On Fusion Hybrid, Energi By $900

Ford Cuts Price On Fusion Hybrid, Energi By $900 Without any public announcement or press release, Ford has lowered the price on two 2016 hybrids. Both the Fusion Hybrid S and Fusion Energi SE Luxury are cheaper in the 2016 peacefulness guide, each going down by $900.
The Fusion Hybrid S is Ford’s most basic version of its cheapest hybrid. Its 3.39-percent price reduction takes it from the current model’s price of $26,575, to the 2016 price of $25,675. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ford is also cutting the price of its luxury plug-in hybrid. The Energi SE (pictured above) will decrease from $34,800 (for the current model) to $33,900 for the 2016 version, a 2.59-percent reduction. The price analysis comes from Alex Bernstein with
2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid
What’s weird, noted Bernstein, is that the change in price doesn’t come with a matching cut in features. By taking a look at Ford’s pricing history for its hybrid fleet, though, a trend in reducing prices is apparent.
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A year ago, Ford dropped the price of the Fusion Energi by $4,000, citing a question to remain competitive against Toyota and Tesla as the pouring choice. Last fall, Ford also took its red pen to the Focus Electric, taking $6,000 off the sticker price.
“We hope by reducing the price, we will give more patrons another reason to consider it,” Ford communications representative Aaron Miller told in October.
SEE ALSO: Fusion Energi Sets Sales Record; C-Max Energi Has Second-Best Month 
To date this pricing strategy seems to be working. Last year, the Fusion Energi was the second most well loved plug-in hybrid: sales totals of in this area 12,000 units place it above Ford’s C-Max Energi and Toyota’s Prius Plug In.
The Fusion Hybrid sold more units than the Energi – totaling in this area 35,000 sales – though it held a lower market share behind Toyota’s Prius Liftback, Prius C and Camry Hybrid (respectively).

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Diesel Coming To Nissan Titan Lineup

Diesel Coming To Nissan Titan Lineup Nissan unveiled the all-new diesel powered Nissan Titan full-size pickup on Monday at the North American International Auto Show.
With the Titan XD, Nissan tries to offer a pickup truck that slots in-between full size pickup trucks and their heavy-duty versions.
“With the 2016 Nissan Titan XD, we weren’t just going for ‘best-in-class. Instead, we are offering the ‘Best New Class,” said Nissan President and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn.
The Titan XD will be the first of the new generation of Nissan Titan models. Nissan said this truck makes a new segment of the American market. It is said to offer the effortless towing and hauling of the larger, more expensive heavy-duty trucks – yet with the fuel-efficiency and affordability of half-ton pickups.
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Nissan projects the truck will go on sale at Nissan dealers nationwide in late 2015. Read more

Through The Eyes of Lucas di Grassi: One Fast Formula E Lap

Through The Eyes of Lucas di Grassi: One Fast Formula E Lap Is your office job only so much fun? Formula E racer Lucas di Grassi shows us what he sees when he goes to work, and the view from the seat of the F1-trained driver does not look like you’d likely doze off mid-day.
Audi Sport Abt’s driver set the fastest lap time in the second day of do at the UK’s Donington Park ahead of schedule this month, and a GoPro emotionally involved to his helmet’s windscreen shows the view from a car that goes 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, and tops out at 124 mph on this track. Read more