Is The 2016 Volt Worth Buying?

Is The 2016 Volt Worth Buying? As orders are being taken now in California, Chevrolet hopes its 2016 Volt due in a couple months will prove to be a superior fuel and money saver for more public.
Since the first-generation model was launched in December 2010, the Volt has had a polarizing effect on public – or ducked under the radar – for too-many nuanced reasons to elaborate here, but those who “get it” mainly like it.
The outgoing 2015 Volt had an electric range of 38 rated miles and the new one is pegged at 53. Less-often published is the EPA rates it for 57 all-electric miles in the city, and 49 all-electric miles highway.
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Efficiency on electricity has has now been bumped from 98 MPGe combined to 106 MPGe. Fuel economy on gas only has increased from 37 mpg to 42 combined – 43 city, 42 highway –and the new range-extending engine runs on cheaper regular fuel. Read more

Tesla Model S Is Top-Selling Plug-in Car For First Half of 2015

Tesla Model S Is Top-Selling Plug-in Car For First Half of 2015 Despite being a luxury product by a startup priced 2-4 times more the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, the Tesla Model S has outsold the two other plug-in electrified vehicles this year and is thus far 2015’s top selling PEV in America.
Its estimated 11,900 U.S. sales – even with room for error – clearly surpass Nissan’s 9,816 Leafs and Chevrolet’s 5,622 Volts from January 2015 through June 2015.
Tesla released its second-quarter delivery report confirming as much – and that we were right that it was also due to cross a 75,000 global cumulative sales milestone last month, which it did as Tesla published 78,334 units sold through June 2015.
If Tesla only keeps this present pace, notes sales tracker Mario R. Duran, it will have sold its 100,000th car globally before the end of this year.
Since their launches one-and-a-half years before the Model S in December 2010, globally, the Volt/Ampera has sold around 95,000 and the Leaf has sold over 180,000.
The Model S was launched June 2012 so July is the first month of its fourth year, and Tesla has kept the car fresh through over the air updates, and additions and deletions to its specifications.
For example, last fall it introduced the 691-horsepower all-wheel-drive Model S P85D, and this year it followed with an all-wheel-drive 70D which it substituted as the entry point of the lineup in place of the rear-wheel-drive P60.
The carmaker is also expanding its overseas presence in Europe and Asia with diverse but overall rising success.
It’s also planting networks of Superchargers offering free lifetime electricity for the vehicles.
Underlying it all are well-received cars that are desirable to buyers who must pass over plug-ins like the Leaf and Volt to buy the Model S. All three cars are eligible for the same $7,500 federal tax credit and are eligible for state subsidies as well.
Tesla has also garnered supporters who see the company’s gas-eschewing ethos as a cause to support, and the purity of vision perceived has helped keep Tesla in the news each time its CEO tweets something or makes a remark at a meeting.
The carmaker is in a sink or swim position too, while General Motors could cancel its Volt if it was so inclined and not go out of business, but the public sees Tesla’s need, and is buying its products, getting a clean car while also helping the cause to succeed.
As major automakers, GM and Nissan are but pushing forward while paying the bills with sales of gas-reliant vehicles, including not-a-few trucks and SUVs.
But while public may be quick to define heros and villains, nothing really is as cut and dried as a surface look could suggest.
The major carmakers would not be selling gas guzzlers if there were not a huge demand for them, and having opened that can of worms, this could go on and on analyzing the factors and nuances, but we’ll cut it here.
Bottom line is Tesla is winning this year with more plug-in cars sold than any automaker in the U.S.
It stands as a pure effort, and its Model X is next pending third quarter deliveries, and Model 3 should be seen some time next year.

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6 Ways the 2016 Chevy Volt Has Been Improved

6 Ways the 2016 Chevy Volt Has Been Improved Borrowing a description from one of dozens of awards received, Chevrolet says its first-generation Volt was a “moonshot” so in what way has the 2016 Chevy Volt been improved in peacefulness to top that glowing description?
Now that we know pricing starts at $33,995 for the base 2016 LT, $38,345 for the LTZ, and GM’s ordering guide is online, some public are still wondering whether the 2016 Volt is indeed better than the original.
If you want the seller to tell you, Chevrolet’s dedicated 2016 Volt web page boldly quotes another publication saying “Second-Generation Volt is better by each measure,” and for many this will be absolutely right. For others, maybe the new car will be close but no cigar?
Chevrolet says it listened to focus groups in developing the 2016 Volt, and to cast a bit more detached spotlight on it, following are some of the changes including major ones, insignificant ones, and ones that are merely different.
The release largest reason to buy a plug-in gas-electric car is of course to avoid using gas. Does that sound nearly weird or are you already with us?
The Volt’s mission in life is as an extended-range electric vehicle and its 50-mile EV range is more than double the next-closest 19 miles from a Ford Fusion and C-Max Energi and significantly above the 2011-2015 Volt. Read more

10 Million Porsche Facebook Fans Leads To 918 Spyder Drive

10 Million Porsche Facebook Fans Leads To 918 Spyder Drive A lucky soul will get to drive a Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid over 622 miles to celebrate the company’s Facebook page reaching 10 million likes.
Porsche chose to hold this special drive through England and the lucky driver will be Ingo Georges Vandenberghe from Austria.
Ingo won the chance to be at the wheel in a competition hosted on the Porsche Facebook page to celebrate the landmark of reaching 10 million Facebook fans worldwide.
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Tesla Model S P85D Spotted

Tesla Model S P85D Spotted A photo taken by a limb of the Tesla Motors Club at an airfield reveals a Model S with “P85D” logo signifying an upgraded new version of the S.
On Wednesday Elon Musk tweeted to Tesla observing fans and writers “In this area time to unveil the D and something else.”
As calculated by the crafty company head, the vague statement has turned on the Internet buzz mill with speculation and commentary. Read more

Tesla Fighting With Iowa Dealers Over Test Drives

Tesla Fighting With Iowa Dealers Over Test Drives Tesla has had an up-and-down history with its direct-to-consumer sales model, with states like Arizona, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas and Virginia coming down hard against the California-based start-up. Now, according to a tale in the Des Moines Register, Iowa is another where dealer lobby groups have top secret how Tesla operates in the state.
The issue cropped up when Tesla organized a three-day test drive event in a hotel parking lot in West Des Moines, but after getting a stay from a representative of the state DOT, was mandatory to cancel the third day of drives. The DOT told the Register that it had been tipped off by the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association, and thus the test drives were illegal because Tesla isn’t accredited as a dealer and Iowa law forbids carmakers selling directly to the public.
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Paul Steier, director of the DOT’s Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection, said that by offering test drives, Tesla was acting as a dealer. But, he did say it wasn’t illegal for Iowans to buy a Model S online, but it if a customer wants to try it out first, it couldn’t be in Iowa.
“There really is nothing in the law that would allow [Tesla] to keep” offering the test drive, Steier said. “We’re not at all opposed to their marketing. They just have to work within the laws of the state.”
Sorry to say, it doesn’t grow that Tesla is going to get much help in the state legislature, as representatives from both sides of the aisle seem to be sympathetic to the rules in place.
“I have diverse feelings in this area it because I really like the car and I really like what the car stands for,” said State Sen. Matt McCoy (D-Des Moines), chairman of the Senate Commerce Comittee. “But in Iowa we tend to respect our system and the way it was set up, and I don’t see any appetite to change that.”
Des Moines Register

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Smart Grid Japan-US Island Grid Project Launched In Hawaii

Smart Grid Japan-US Island Grid Project Launched In Hawaii Hawaii is the chosen location for a Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project cooperation studying and showcasing smart grid technologies and electric vehicles.
Hitachi, Ltd. announced December 17 that it has begun operations on the demonstration site for the Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project on Maui Island in collaboration with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Cyber Defense Institute, Inc.
The goal of this Project, clarified Hitachi, will be to exhibit smart grid technologies that will enable the efficient use of renewable energy and will contribute to the implementation of a low-carbon social infrastructure system in island regions.
Per the company, the demonstration site has been designed to respond to the rapidly changing demands in the renewable energy market, which will be made possible through the use of electric vehicles (EV) and other innovative technologies.
The demonstration site is scheduled to be in operation between December 17, 2013, and the end of Development 2015.
Hitachi added the goal of this site is to build a business model for future “Island Smart Grids” that will be built in other sub-tropical regions with environmental conditions similar to Maui.
According to Maui Electric Company, in 2012, renewable energy accounted for 21 percent of the total energy supply on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and current plans call for at least 40 percent of increased demand for electrical power throughout the entire state of Hawaii to be met with the use of renewable energy by 2030.
In the backdrop of the growing adoption of renewable energy, in 2011, NEDO initiated the Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project (commonly referred to as the “JUMPSmartMaui” Project) to resolve the issues related to the use of these new energy sources. As the company with primary responsibility for this Project, Hitachi clarified it oversees all aspects of Project activities, and has been working on the construction of the demonstration site in collaboration with the Mizuho Bank and the Cyber Defense Institute, along with the state of Hawaii, the County of Maui, Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc., the University of Hawaii, and the American national research laboratories.
In peacefulness to start a smart grid for island regions using EV, Hitachi has established an EV Energy Control Center (EVECC), and has already place in place a Distribution Management System (DMS) to control power distribution systems in the Kihei district on the south side of Maui, and the Energy Management System–Plus (EMS-Plus).
Per Hitachi, the goal is to control the balance of supply and demand in electric power systems and support the efficient operations of renewable energy.
Up until now, Hitachi said it has involved the public to be part of the demonstration on a volunteer basis and participate in the demonstrations primarily focused on the EV users on the island of Maui. Also, regular residents/patrons interested in participating in control demonstrations for electric water heaters installed in private residences in the Kihei area will also be involved in the demonstration.
Hitachi has also promoted the installation of rapid EV charging stations, as well as complying with American cyber security standards, in peacefulness to ensure the safety of systems in commission throughout the demonstration site and throughout the duration of the demonstration project.
To date, Hitachi had already confirmed approximately 150 volunteers as users of EV, and confirmed approximately 40 residential households interested in participating in control demonstration using electric water heaters.
In peacefulness to promote additional demonstration, the company plans to secure 200 volunteers as EV users and 40 volunteer user households in total.
20 EV charging stands have been installed at five existing rapid EV charging stations, and there are plans to establish 20 other charging stations in the future.
On-site demonstrations will use wind power generation systems and power systems installed on the island of Maui, which generate a total of 72,000 kilowatt of power.

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Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Now Available In The US

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Now Available In The US Porsche Cars North America announced yesterday that the expanded Porsche Panamera model line is now available in dealer showrooms crosswise the United States.
Porsche expanded the Panamera sports sedan lineup for the 2014 model year with the addition of three new variants: the Panamera S E-Hybrid, the first plug-in hybrid from Porsche; and two lush Executive versions based on the Panamera 4S and Panamera Turbo models.
A new 3.0 twin-turbo V6 engine replaces the previous 4.8-liter V8 engine in the Panamera S and Panamera 4S. The new engine is also used in the new Panamera 4S Executive and offers an additional 20 horsepower and 15 pound-feet of additional torque, with an increase of up to 17 percent in fuel economy compared to the V8 engine in the previous model.
Of more interest to readers of this website is the new Panamera S E-Hybrid. Porsche said it has improved the previous Panamera S Hybrid with a more powerful electric motor, and a higher-performance battery that supplies more energy and is able be recharged from home or public charging stations.
The electric drive produces 95 horsepower, double the power of the previous model’s electric motor (47 hp). Electricity is stored in a newly developed lithium-ion battery, which at 9.4 kilowatt-hour has increased room over the previous battery (1.7 kWh).
Via the integrated on-board charging components and the standard Porsche Complete Charger (AC), the battery can reach full charge within approximately two and a half hours when connected to a 240V power source.
The Panamera S E-Hybrid is capable of accelerating from a standstill to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds on its way to a top track speed of 167 mph. Well yes, it is and stays right to the Porsche badge!
Porsche declared in July that the hybrid version of the Panamera should account for 10 percent of the global model line’s sales over its lifetime, or around 10,000 units.
The 2014 Panamera S E-Hybrid’s MSRP stands at $99,000.

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