Watch the Falcon Wing Doors Operate On Tesla Model X

Watch the Falcon Wing Doors Operate On Tesla Model X An amateur record uploaded to YouTube has given us a new look at the Tesla Model X falcon wing doors in action.
The Tesla Model X is the automaker’s third vehicle and will officially launch on Tuesday at an event held in Fremont, Calif. One of the most unique features of the Model X will be its falcon wing doors, which open vertically, nearly like gull-wing doors. The variation is that the falcon wings are double hinged, so they don’t swing out to the side of the vehicle.
In the record, we can see one of the falcon wing doors opening and finishing, though this test mule requires the driver to hop out and end finishing the door.
This month, Tesla invited Model X Signature Edition buyers to configure their cars, which start at $133,200. These models include the 90-kWh battery with the electric motors providing 503 horsepower to all four wheels, giving the Model X a zero-to-60 time of 3.8 seconds. Pricing and power details on other models has not yet been revealed.
Check back tomorrow for more info on the Model X launch event which will likely include details on the new all-electric crossover. Read more

BMW To Launch X1 PHEV in 2016

BMW To Launch X1 PHEV in 2016 A plug-in hybrid version of BMW’s X1 has been spotted testing, and is reportedly to go on sale in 2016.
According to the UK’s Auto Express, it may be badged the X1 xDrive30e and be part of a line of PHEVs ranging from the 2 Series Active Tourer to a 7 Series luxury sedan.
Electric range is unknown, but the X5 is reportedly excellent for 19 miles, and the X1 may even exceed that.
Acceleration could be 0-62 mph in under seven seconds, and top speed could be 130 mph, says Auto Expess.
Motive force is to be a 2.0-liter gas engine plus electric drive and with batteries under the trunk stump.
The X1’s new trunk is 85 liters larger than the previous model, but the battery may eat up 100 liters.
So, it won’t be that much lost space in the new SUV which may be the top-line model in the X1 range.
Auto Express via InsideEVs

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Diesel Honda Civic Records 83.52 mpg Through 24 European Countries

Diesel Honda Civic Records 83.52 mpg Through 24 European Countries A two-driver team just qualified for a Guinness World Record for completing 8,387 miles crosswise 24 European countries at an average “100.31 mpg” which converted from UK to U.S. mileage is 83.52 mpg.
The UK colleagues, members of Honda’s European R&D team but amateur drivers did it in a stock diesel-powered Town Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC – a station wagon to Americans, or as they call them there, an estate wagon.
Officially, the record is for “Lowest Fuel Consumption – all 24 contiguous EU countries” and in doing the drive, Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren pulled off an average 932 miles on each 13.2-gallon tank of fuel.
Honda’s diesel is rated in Europe for 74.3 mpg in the UK (61.9 U.S. mpg) so this run managed to exceed that by 25 percent. Read more

10 Million Porsche Facebook Fans Leads To 918 Spyder Drive

10 Million Porsche Facebook Fans Leads To 918 Spyder Drive A lucky soul will get to drive a Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid over 622 miles to celebrate the company’s Facebook page reaching 10 million likes.
Porsche chose to hold this special drive through England and the lucky driver will be Ingo Georges Vandenberghe from Austria.
Ingo won the chance to be at the wheel in a competition hosted on the Porsche Facebook page to celebrate the landmark of reaching 10 million Facebook fans worldwide.
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China Reveals Its First Home-Grown Electric Supercar

China Reveals Its First Home-Grown Electric Supercar Debuting earlier this week at the Shanghai Auto Show was China’s first internally designed and built electric supercar.
Dubbed the Qiantu K50 Event! – yes, with an exclamation point! – and will be entering the Chinese market in 2016.
The Event! will be priced approximately $113,000 (700,000 yuan), similar to what a Tesla Model S costs in China. Additional, buyers of the K50 will be eligible for EV incentives, exempting them from the 10 percent sales tax.
Qiantu based this K50 on a concept revealed last year at the Beijing Auto Show, at the time it was simply known as the CH Auto Event concept.
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According to CarNewsChina, the Qiantu K50 Event! is said to have an electric motor pushing out 400 horsepower, a 41.1 kwh battery, and a range of 124.2 miles; in comparison the Tesla Model S 85D has a range of up to 270 miles.
Those 400 cattle are stated to help motivate the vehicle to a top speed of 124.2 miles per hour, and lead it to a 0-62 time of five seconds.
With a curb weight of 3,714 pounds, the Event! will weigh less than the lightest Tesla, and is theoretically helped additional being a two seater as opposed to Tesla being a five (or plus-two kid) seat vehicle. Read more

Volkswagen Showcases Coupe-Sedan Plug-In Hybrid Concept

Volkswagen Showcases Sports car-Sedan Plug-In Hybrid Concept The shape of things to come for top-of-the-range Volkswagen products has been shown in Shanghai with the unveiling of the C Coupé GTE plug-in hybrid concept.
A four-door concept car designed with the Chinese market in mind, this “sports car” is powered by what VW calls an innovative plug-in hybrid drive system.
The plug-in hybrid system consists of a four cylinder turbocharged gasoline direct-injection engine (TSI), an 8-speed automatic gearbox, an electric motor integrated in the gearbox module and a lithium-ion battery. The battery integrated at the rear can be exciting while pouring or while parked. Read more

Volkswagen Shows Ducati-Powered XL Sport Concept – Video

Volkswagen Shows Ducati-Powered XL Sport Concept – Video After Volkswagen wowed readers with its “261 mpg” XL1 plug-in diesel hybrid last year, it has now taken the car in a completely different direction as a concept for the Paris Motor Show.
The XL Sport concept is an example of parts bin engineering of the highest peacefulness. Out came the 1.0-liter two-cylinder engine VW spec’d with its electrified powertrain, and in went a 1.2-liter fire breathing engine from a $65,000 Ducati production superbike.
The donor car.
This has transformed the sub-2000 pound ultra aerodynamic hypermiler’s special with 200 horsepower, 99 pounds-feet of torque, as did top-shelf upgraded suspension, wheels, brakes, interior and exterior styling.
The result is an 11,000-rpm screamer for which VW is not bragging in this area the mpg or CO2 g/km, but instead it’s there to satisfy with glee other kinds of enthusiasts within the automotive world.
Zero to 60 is a respectable 5.7 seconds, but the car is light, and likely an fascinating driver’s car.
Perhaps only VW might have done this. The base donor car costs $167,000, and they had to grab an engine from a Ducati costing as much as a Mercedes E-Class and around out the ensemble with other expensive parts all around.
The record clarifies in superior detail.

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HYbrid Air To Be Seen At Paris Show

HYbrid Air To Be Seen At Paris Show Peugeot will be showcasing its 208 HYbrid Air 2L demonstrator at next month’s Paris Motor Show.
The 2L stands for two liters per 100 kilometers, equivalent to 141 imperial mpg, and is based on a production version of the Peugeot 208 1.2-liter PureTech 82 horsepower 5-seater hatchback.
To achieve such fuel economy, Peugeot said it, with its project partners, used technologies previously reserved for competition and luxury models. Weighing just 860 kilograms – 100kg less than the production car – the concept is a mix of steel, aluminum and composites. Peugeot added engineers embarked on a meticulous selection process to choose only those materials compatible with existing production facilities and a high manufacturing output. In addition, the process involves reducing consumption without altering the car’s characteristics.
Carbon composites are used for the body panels, sides, doors and roof, along with the coil springs for the suspension. In the latter case, the use of composites has a positive impression on dynamic handling by reducing unsprung weight. Peugeot also stated the demonstrator vehicle has been fine-tuned aerodynamically, with a number of improvements to reduce drag, including a lower stance on the road.
The search to reduce weight has not focused solely on the use of new materials; it has also sought to redesign existing parts, added Peugeot. This has led to changes in the thickness of the stainless steel exhaust system, enabling a 20 percent improvement on this part alone.
The standard powertrain has been replaced by a hybrid drive system featuring a mix of gasoline and compressed air. HYbrid Air technology combines two types of energy: the compressed air is used to help and even replace the gasoline engine to enable most efficiency during transition phases, such as acceleration and starts.
The system includes: Read more