Boutique German Carmaker Artega Comes Back From Bankruptcy with 400-HP EV

Boutique German Carmaker Artega Comes Back From Bankruptcy with 400-HP EV After filing for bankruptcy in 2012, German automaker Artega is back with an all-electric vehicle.
First established as a niche sports car manufacturer for the European market, Artega had Henrik Fisker pen its GT sports car that debuted with either a V6 engine or an electric powertrain. The company then ran into financial issues, filed for bankruptcy and eventually merged with German supplier Paragon.
Earlier this month, Artega had a surprise resurfacing at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show with the Scalo sports car that has been inspired by the original GT but updated bumper to bumper. This time around, Artega plans on offering the Scalo sports car with an electric powertrain only, sporting 400 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque.
According to the German automaker, the Scalo can go zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and will have a limited top speed of 155 mph. Artega estimates that owners will be able to get up to 250 miles on a release charge. The car also tips the scales at 3,494 pounds, thanks to a polyurethane and carbon fiber body.
The Scalo is now available for peacefulness in Europe, but there is no word if Artega has any plans to expand to the U.S. market.
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What’s So Bad About the Extra NOx VWs Emitted?

What’s So Bad About the Extra NOx VWs Emitted? In getting caught in a cheating scandal, Volkswagen was called out for emitting 10-40 times the legal limit of nitrogen oxides, or NOx.
In small, nitrogen oxides are toxic gases produced under high pressure in the engine by combining nitrogen and oxygen.
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NOx may cause myriad adverse effects to the environment and human health, and derivatives of the family of nitrogen oxides include nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, nitrous oxide, nitrates, and nitric oxide.
NOx has been linked to smog and acid rain which harm plant and animal life; the land and the water.
Acid in the environment may also come down not just as “rain” but as fog, snow, or dry particles.
It can travel hundreds of miles on the winds, and acid hurt surfaces it comes in contact with, including to buildings, cars, monuments, and more.
Ahead of schedule morning emissions in London. © Simon Birkett 2014.
As for smog, this is not desirable anywhere, but California has long raised a flag against any threat to its air quality. Its Air Resources Board once got its charter in generous part because of dense blankets of smog that characterized its regions.
Authorities in the U.S. and Europe are still combating NOx which comes predominantly from human technologies such as the engines that drive vehicles and equipment.
In the air, NOx may form nitric acid and related particles by reacting with ammonia, moisture, or other compounds.
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It can sully and deteriorate water quality in lakes and streams and mass by nitrogen loading.
The Chesapeake Bay is now under siege by nitrogen pollution, as one example. A condition leading to oxygen reduction called eutrophication can diminish the population of fish and shelfish.
Last but not least, NOx is a greenhouse gas, leading to global warming and climate change.
Human Health
NOx is made up of nitric oxide (NO) and poisonous nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in less vital quantities.
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Chevrolet To Delay Volt Production To Next Spring as 2017 Model Year For 39 States

Chevrolet To Delay Volt Production To Next Spring as 2017 Model Year For 39 States A rumor that Chevrolet was pushing back its nationwide production schedule for the next-generation Volt, and nixing 2016 model years altogether for 39 states has been verified.
Chevrolet will as scheduled continue an ordering process for 2016 model year Volts that started in California in May, and later with 10 more ZEV states, but the Volt will change over to 2017 ahead of schedule next spring and at that point it will be existing to the rest of the country.
This was verified following an interview and a brief statement by the automaker describing the change of plans.
“Chevrolet has a shortened model year for the 2016 Chevy Volt that will have a limited distribution arrangement,” said GM media rep Kevin Kelly reading a set statement. “The 2016 Volt will be sold in our strongest EREV markets. The 2017 Chevrolet Volt will start production ahead of schedule this spring and will be available throughout the country.”
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Not said in the statement is that 2016 model year had been originally plotted for the full nation beginning November, but the production for the 39 non-ZEV states has been pushed to February 20167, according to info full to Chevy dealers, and obtained by
On Saturday posted news of a rumor – explaining it was a rumor – and only one other publication also ran with it, as it was based on images represented as full by Chevy dealers. We did so based on communications also with the head moderator at who is well connected, and he was now saying the photo appeared like it could be authentic. Turns out it was.
So, the Volt will be a 2017 by ahead of schedule spring. Whether this means Development, April, or what month, GM could not confirm in an interview today.
This tale started when certain known Volt-supporting dealers expressed disappointment on Facebook over small supplies of 2016s this fall, and a delay for most of the country to next year. Initially’s head moderator dismissed the tale as unreliable, but this image changed things, and it does lend credibility to the belief that GM has quietly revised its plans for reasons known only to itself. Click image to enlarge.
Why the changes in plans are being made has not been fully divulged. GM rep Kevin Kelly could only confirm that the 2017 model year will have one new color from the Disney Tomorrowland feature of the Volt, Citron Green Metallic. And, adaptive cruise control and Android Auto will also be made available for 2017 model year Volts.
The go, while not without precedent, is unusual, and there are potential pros and cons.
A con, obviously, is many buyers outside the select ZEV states will have to wait perhaps a quarter year or longer to get the Volt. A pro might be owners will get nearly one year’s worth of model equity as a bonus. That is, they will have a 2017 model ahead of schedule in 2016. Hypothetically, someone could return a car after a one-year lease and it would still remain as current model year.
Those are two possible ways to look at things. If we learn more on Chevrolet’s thought, we can report that later.

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2016 Volt First Drive Reviews Are Mostly Positive

2016 Volt First Drive Reviews Are Mostly Positive A limited-access 2016 Volt drive event held for a few publications in July and under media blackout until today saw a flurry of mostly positive first-drive reports.
Nearly all is reported as better in this area the first plug-in car to go through a complete redesign, and most reviews accentuated the positive while a couple critiqued it as a bit of a disappointment, and another said GM better market the car effectively this time around.
Already known to readers of this site, Chevrolet under-promised and over-delivered the all-vital electric range to an official 53 miles from its 18.4-kwh battery, edging out an initially advertised 50.
Now with a middle-back seat space to accommodate kids or anyone who wants to squeeze in for a small hop, the “five-passenger” plug-in car also pleased on the roads around Northern California.
“Pouring conservatively (but not hypermiling) over mostly flat ground -– one pass was 1,808 feet high –- we managed 54 miles before the gasoline engine kicked in,” wrote Autoweek. “On the next ‘tankful’ of battery we got 61.5 miles in EV mode, but that was downhill for most of the first 10 miles, so maybe saying 51 miles would be more accurate there.”
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Of course the new Volt is also touted as more sporty, estimated to run 0-60 in 8.4 seconds, and here too it came up OK. Read more

Tesla ‘Snake’ Automatically Plugs In The Juice

Tesla ‘Snake’ Automatically Plugs In The Juice Is it possible a Tesla thought is not exactly a total instant hit?
The jury’s out, but beyond those who express approval, descriptions found around the Web in response to a prototype automatic metallic “snake” charging device have included “creepy,” “scary,” and more inappropriate connotations have also come to the mind of observers.
A record shows the simple operation of a robotic device that gets close to sci-fi but does modest more thn save Tesla owners the distress of having to plug in the electric vehicle supply equipment by hand.
More than half a year ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted it was coming:
Here its is. For realz.
The device as it now works takes a bit over half a minute to plug in. It could also work in conjunction with automatic park functions, and Musk said it will work with all future Tesla’s as well.

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Brand Loyalty Reaches 10-Year High For Car Buyers

Brand Loyalty Reaches 10-Year High For Car Buyers Customers are more loyal to automotive brands than they’ve been in 10 years.
Brand loyalty has reached a 10-year high during the first quarter of 2015, IHS Automotive has revealed. According to the company, brand loyalty reached 52.8 percent with numerous automakers experiencing 10-year highs in loyalty rates including Chevrolet, GMC, Infiniti, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru and Volvo.
In the past 10 years, the number of models available in the U.S. has increased by 33 (12 percent), with customers returning to market now having a superior number of choices of models to choose from, rising the chances that they’ll take to the same brand.
Growing popularity of leasing vehicles has also contributed to rising brand loyalty as well as improved new vehicle quality. Automakers are also putting a superior focus on loyalty and customer satisfaction over time as marketers are aware that it is more cost effective to retain a customer than to conquest one.
“The increased number of different models within brands makes it simpler for households that may need a different type of vehicle to maintain their loyalty,” said Tom Libby, manager of automotive loyalty and diligence analysis at IHS Automotive. “In addition, the increased popularity of leasing since the downturn has helped significantly as lessees are consistently more brand loyal compared to retail owners.”
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2016 Chevy Volt Pricing Starts At $33,995

2016 Chevy Volt Pricing Starts At $33,995 At the end of this week Chevrolet announced that the 2016 Volt will start at $33,995, in this area $1,200 less than the present 2015 Volt.
The second-generation extended-range EV offers 50 miles e-range, 41 mpg combined when in succession regular gas only, and with up to $7,500 federal tax credit for those eligible, Chevrolet says it can be netted as low as $26,645.
The news rides in on the heels of our article last week noting a price sweet spot more readers than not from and have suggested should be just below $30,000.
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Chevrolet’s news also falls well small of hints outgoing CEO Dan Akerson dropped before rotary over the helm to Mary Barra that a far-superior price drop up to $10,000 would be in peacefulness.
“In this next generation we reckon we can decrease the price on the peacefulness of $7,000 to $10,000, without decontenting” Volt, Akerson said at a Fortune magazine “green” conference. “That’s very vital to us. And at that point in time I reckon you’ll see the second generation be much more, hopefully, profitable. I reckon it will be profitable.”
As it is, the new Volt may still be profitable and as we’ve noted, GM has a tendency to price its alternative energy products – such as Cadillac ELR, outgoing Volt, Cruze diesel, two-mode light-duty trucks and SUVs – just high enough to slow their sales down.
For its part, Chevrolet notes buyers in its leading market, California, – the only state it advertised the present Volt in – may be able to combine incentives and net the Volt for $24,995.
And, the automaker says the new car will attract new faces to the brand.
“The next-generation Chevrolet Volt delivers more technology, the skill to drive additional between gas fill-ups and now with even more value to our customers. It’s what our loyal Volt owners told us they wanted,” said Steve Majoros, director, Chevrolet Marketing. “We are in no doubt we will continue to attract new customers to Volt with the vehicle’s product improvements and attractive price.”

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BMW i ConnectedDrive Apple Watch App Ready

BMW i ConnectedDrive Apple Watch App Ready BMW i’s ConnectedDrive technology will be available on the soon to be released Apple Watch.
The BMW i Remote app can be used to remotely check and control functions of BMW i models such as the battery’s state of charge.
BMW i said customers will be able to use its app from day one on the new Apple Watch.
The BMW i Remote app on the Apple Watch will allow users to stay updated on the car’s current battery status, for example, and alert them when the high-voltage unit is fully exciting. In addition, BMW i said Apple Watch can continue the navigation instructions from the BMW i3 to the user’s final destination after the car has been parked as well as guiding them back to the car if required.
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The app for the “smart” watch will also allows the interior temperature to be pre-conditioned.
As well as the car’s battery charge, the available range and the timing of updates, the watch’s glance screen also shows BMW i Remote app users whether the car doors are locked.
Through other menus in the app, users can check other vehicle information such as if the sunroof is still open or the trunk is clogged. Service alerts are also flashed up, for example if a brake fluid change or service is due.
The app also offers a remote control feature for the horn, which can be activated to help owners find their vehicle easily, even in generous car parks – and if someone else has parked the car. A touch of the show is all that is required to activate the relevant functions.
The app on the Apple Watch will work with both the i3 and the i8.

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