Watch the Falcon Wing Doors Operate On Tesla Model X

Watch the Falcon Wing Doors Operate On Tesla Model X An amateur record uploaded to YouTube has given us a new look at the Tesla Model X falcon wing doors in action.
The Tesla Model X is the automaker’s third vehicle and will officially launch on Tuesday at an event held in Fremont, Calif. One of the most unique features of the Model X will be its falcon wing doors, which open vertically, nearly like gull-wing doors. The variation is that the falcon wings are double hinged, so they don’t swing out to the side of the vehicle.
In the record, we can see one of the falcon wing doors opening and finishing, though this test mule requires the driver to hop out and end finishing the door.
This month, Tesla invited Model X Signature Edition buyers to configure their cars, which start at $133,200. These models include the 90-kWh battery with the electric motors providing 503 horsepower to all four wheels, giving the Model X a zero-to-60 time of 3.8 seconds. Pricing and power details on other models has not yet been revealed.
Check back tomorrow for more info on the Model X launch event which will likely include details on the new all-electric crossover. Read more

Greenpeace Was Nailing VW Years Before the Diesel Cheating Scandal Broke

Greenpeace Was Nailing VW Years Before the Diesel Cheating Scandal Broke Greenpeace has for years actively campaigned against Volkswagen and these days it’s looking to have been quite insightful.
“Volkswagen opposes key European laws that we need if we’re going to save our earth from climate change,” said the activist organiztation in June 2011 under a record likening VW to the Evil Empire of Star Wars fame. “All is not lost. We feel the excellent in Volkswagen. Help us turn VW away from the Dark Side.” Read more

Patent Applied For ‘Humanized’ Apple Navigation System

Patent Applied For ‘Humanized’ Apple Navigation System Apple is looking to bring a human touch to its navigation system.
The tech giant has applied to trademark “Humanized Navigation Instructions for Mapping Applications.” Apple says that the system will be “focused on comprehension rather than precision,” along with making the entire navigation encounter less stressful for the user.
For example, rather than saying that your destination is ahead 200 feet on the aptly, the system will try and describe the destination or landmarks around it. Apple wants the system to seem more like a passenger giving you directions rather than a computer.
Other examples of possible instructions from the new system are, “take a aptly after the light,” and “the entry ramp will be the second freeway entrance on the aptly.”

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Volkswagen Adds e-mobility Solutions For e-Golf Launch

Volkswagen Adds e-mobility Solutions For e-Golf Launch Volkswagen of America, Inc. revealed additional plans in its holistic approach to e-mobility at the Management Briefing Seminar, hosted by the Center for Automotive Research.
Starting with the launch of the 2015 e-Golf model, Volkswagen said it will invest in carbon reduction projects to offset emissions made from e-Golf production, distribution and up to approximately 36,000 miles of pouring.
This program is similar in mindset to the one launched by Audi and known as Audi energy.
Volkswagen, like Audi, named SunPower as the official solar energy partner power provider.
Through these innovative collaborations, Volkswagen believes it will be one of the first high-volume manufacturers to give up a truly holistic approach to ultra-low-carbon mobility.
The 2015 e-Golf will go on sale later this year at participating dealerships in select states.
To help determine its carbon offset projects, Volkswagen announce it has teamed with 3Degrees, a renewable energy and carbon offset air force provider. The partnership brings new importance to the thought of an ultra-low carbon car. By investing in carbon reduction programs, Volkswagen said it will offset the e-Golf’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that result from its production, distribution and from the estimated emissions produced from keeping the vehicle exciting through the initial 36,000 miles of the vehicle’s life.
Volkswagen of America stated it chose to include carbon reduction efforts in California and in Texas with projects geared towards forestry conservation and landfill gas capture.
“Volkswagen feels it is vital to look beyond the benefits of pouring a vehicle without tailpipe emissions and to take a holistic approach to e-mobility,” said Oliver Schmidt, general manager, environment and engineering office, Volkswagen Assemble of America. “We now have the skill to offer offsets that approximate the emissions made from production, distribution and the initial 36,000 miles of use.”
Volkswagen-supported projects include, as listed by VW:
Garcia River Forestry Project
The Garcia River Conservation-Based jungle Management Project, located in Mendocino County, Calif., protects and preserves a 24,000-acre native redwood forest, rising carbon sequestration and storage, while also helping to restore the natural flora and fauna habitat. Emission reductions produced by the project are verified by an approved third party and registered with the Climate Action Reserve. More information on the project can be found at:
Huge River and Salmon Arroyo Forests
The Huge River and Salmon Arroyo Forests, located in Mendocino County, Calif., were subject historically to land fragmentation and unsustainable logging practices. In an effort to protect the native redwood and Douglas fir forest, the land is now protected through a 16,000-acre land buy, which was funded in part by the carbon offsets it offers to organizations like Volkswagen. Emission reductions produced by the project are verified by an approved third party and registered with the Climate Action Reserve. More information on the project can be found at:
McKinney Landfill
The McKinney Landfill project, based at a clogged landfill in McKinney, Texas, works to capture gases that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere from anaerobic decomposition within the landfill. Benefits from the capture include odor reduction, improved water quality and future distributed renewable energy production. The sale of carbon offsets chains the gas collection and flaring project. The emission reductions are validated, verified and registered using the Climate Action Reserve’s Landfill Project Protocol. More information on the project can be found at:
“Volkswagen is screening leadership by including carbon offsets standard with this e-Golf electric vehicle,” said Steve McDougal, President of 3Degrees. “As more public choose low and no emission cars, Volkswagen is making it possible – and simple – to reckon comprehensively in this area the greenhouse gas emissions profile of a vehicle.”
As part of Volkswagen’s efforts to give up an ultra-low-carbon car, the company said it is working with SunPower to grant qualified U.S. Volkswagen e-Golf customers the opportunity to install a high performance SunPower solar system. This residential SunPower system can help customers save on annual household electricity costs as well as power their electric vehicle, reducing overall cost of ownership.
“Investing in a residential SunPower solar system is a reliable, cost-effective way for Volkswagen customers to help manage household electricity costs and charge their electric vehicle with emissions-free energy,” said Tom Werner, president and CEO of SunPower. “Partnering with Volkswagen is a natural fit for SunPower, given our shared passion for delivering innovative, alternative energy solutions that help customers power their lives sustainably, and for the long term.”
VW also recently announced that Bosch Automotive Service Solutions will serve as a charging station and installation air force partner for the e-Golf. Bosch will grant a 240-volt charging unit, the Power Max charging station, as well as full-service installation for qualified e-Golf drivers.
Additionally, Volkswagen said it has selected ChargePoint to complete the driver encounter by providing all authorized e-Golf dealerships with VW-branded charging stations and by giving e-Golf drivers access to the leading arrangement of public EV charging stations. As a result, e-Golf drivers will have access to over 18,000 ChargePoint stations around the U.S., in addition to those stations installed at authorized VW dealerships. All e-Golf drivers will also get access to the ChargePoint mobile app, which will help them navigate to ChargePoint stations, see real-time status updates relating to ChargePoint stations and start charging sessions.

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Nissan’s ZEOD RC Electrified Race Car Ready To Race

Nissan’s ZEOD RC Electrified Race Car Ready To Race Nissan is ready for another edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours and will mark the race debut of its Nissan ZEOD RC, the company’s electric racing car.
The 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours is being held this coming weekend, June 14 and 15.
Nissan clarified the ACO’s Garage 56 program has provided Nissan with an opportunity to push the limits.
“Garage 56 is unique in motor racing where the organizers have allowed manufacturers or private entrants to come and do something completely different,” said NISMO Global Head of Brand, Marketing & Sales, Darren Cox. “Once again, the ACO should be applauded for that but I’ve got to tell you that it is a huge task. The car is full of innovation, from the three cylinder 400 BHP DIG-T R engine to the fact it is the first mirror-less race car of the modern era. ZEOD is a huge task but it has been a crucial stepping-marble towards our LM P1 project. What we learn here provides a huge data bank for our engineers as they develop the new Nissan GT-R LM NISMO. Innovation is in this area pushing the boundaries and innovation sometimes hurts. Most of the time Nissan gets it aptly, whether it be the Leaf, GT-R, the Qashqai, or the Juke – lots of examples of us doing things for the first time and being innovative. This is another one; one day we’re going to bite off more than we can chew, let’s just hope it’s not on Saturday or Sunday of this week!” Read more

2014 Chevrolet Corvette service manual drawings leaked

2014 Chevrolet Corvette service manual drawings leaked
General Motors has done a fantastic job of making sure that no one sees any pictures of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette ahead of the huge debut next month at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit but thanks to what appears to be artwork leaked from a service manual that were posted on an enthusiast forum – today we get our best look yet at the upcoming C7 Corvette. Read more