Is The 2016 Volt Worth Buying?

Is The 2016 Volt Worth Buying? As orders are being taken now in California, Chevrolet hopes its 2016 Volt due in a couple months will prove to be a superior fuel and money saver for more public.
Since the first-generation model was launched in December 2010, the Volt has had a polarizing effect on public – or ducked under the radar – for too-many nuanced reasons to elaborate here, but those who “get it” mainly like it.
The outgoing 2015 Volt had an electric range of 38 rated miles and the new one is pegged at 53. Less-often published is the EPA rates it for 57 all-electric miles in the city, and 49 all-electric miles highway.
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Efficiency on electricity has has now been bumped from 98 MPGe combined to 106 MPGe. Fuel economy on gas only has increased from 37 mpg to 42 combined – 43 city, 42 highway –and the new range-extending engine runs on cheaper regular fuel. Read more

Lower Gas Prices Prompting Americans To Drive More

Lower Gas Prices Prompting Americans To Drive More There are more Americans pouring their cars this year thanks to lower gas prices.
According to a report from the U.S. Transportation Department, pouring is up 3.9 percent in the first two months of 2015, with February marking 12-months of increased progression in a row. Americans drove 6.1-billion miles more in February year-over-year, up to a total of 22.1-billion miles. That makes it the second highest February on record and the highest year-over-year jump in 11 years.
Much of the increase can be attributed to lower gas prices with the national average sitting at $2.51 a gallon, nearly $1.20 a gallon lower than a year ago. In 2013, gas prices averaged nearly $4 a gallon before diminishing to nearly $2 a gallon, the lowest it has been in nearly 10 years.
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Drivers on the west coast are getting behind the wheel more than anyone else in the nation with 13 western states seeing traffic increase 6.6 percent. Oregon led the U.S. with the leading release-state traffic increase, jumping 13.3 percent. Montana was second in the U.S. rising 12.8 percent and rounding out the top three was Indiana at 8.9 percent.
Last year, Americans collectively drove 3.02-trillion miles, which marked a 1.7-percent increase from 2013. At the current pace, Americans are on track this year to set an all-time record – that is if gas prices stay the way they are.
“By measuring the demands placed upon our nation’s roads and bridges, we are better able to know the need for superior investment in them,” said Deputy Federal Highway Administrator Gregory Nadeau. “Americans are pouring farther and more frequently, which makes additional investments in our highway system more vital now than ever.”
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Future Volkswagen Camper Could Be Electric

Future Volkswagen Camper Could Be Electric Volkswagen has said that the next Camper could indeed be battery powered.
During the New York auto show, chairman of the board Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser told AutoExpress that, for the Camper to continue with the traditional 1950s design VW must place the electric motor and batteries under the stump of the vehicle.
“If we want to do this on an attractive cost base, we are not able to place a rear engine into such a car.”
Neusser also said that while Volkswagen isn’t ready to confirm anything yet in regards to this project, it has engineers working around the clock in attempts to complete it.
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In stipulations of design, keeping the iconic boxy design and D-Pillar for the next-generation Camper is something Neusser is trying to preserve.
With this VW hopes to keep maintain the compact body, making the vehicle effortless to drive.
“If you look at genetic things of the Bulli concept you have the need for a very small overhang. From the A-pillar, the space you have is very, very limited.”
Thus why there’s an essential to take out the petrol or diesel powered engine all together in place for electricity and batteries, allowing VW to push the cabin farther forward similar to the original.
As far as a timeline Volkswagen has yet to release one for the electric Camper, according to AutoExpress, if Neusser is plotting on using the MQB platform we could possibly see the Camper popping back up in around two to five years.

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VW, BMW, and ChargePoint Announce East and West Coast Charger Networks

VW, BMW, and ChargePoint Announce East and West Coast Charger Networks A collaboration between Volkswagen of America, BMW of North America, and ChargePoint aims to add 100 DC quick chargers and level 2 chargers on heavily trafficked routes on the east and west coasts.
On the west coast, these installations have already begun with the first being in San Diego County.
“There is a target of nearly 100 DC Quick charging spots in the first phase, available by the end of 2015,” said VW in a statement. “DC Quick chargers along the express charging corridors are expected to be installed in convenient locations such restaurants, shopping centers, rest stops, and more.
Other regions in the west include roués casing and connecting the metropolitan areas of Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. On the east coast, target areas include regions on Interstate 95 from Boston to Washington, D.C.,
Plans are to strategically space them at most of 50 miles apart.
Click infographic to expand.
“A robust arrangement of conveniently located DC Quick charging stations will go a long way toward rising electric vehicle adoption and making electric vehicle ownership even more enjoyable,” said Robert Healey, Head of EV Infrastructure at BMW of North America. “The express charging corridors are another vital step in the development of the U.S. e-mobility infrastructure that makes longer distance travel a real option for patrons, particularly along the most heavily trafficked parts of both coasts—making the BMW i3 and other electric vehicles even more appealing.”
There are now more than 280,000 plug-in vehicles in the U.S. Both BMW and Volkswagen are working to increase their own brands’ numbers.
“Volkswagen believes in a holistic approach to e-mobility in peacefulness to start a seamless encounter for the consumer,” said Jörg Sommer, vice president, product marketing and strategy, Volkswagen of America. “The investment in the express charging corridor will grant e-Golf and other electric vehicle owners with the added support to travel their day-to-day and well loved long distance routes.”
The charging stations will be added to the existing ChargePoint arrangement of more than 20,000 stations, and can be accessed with a ChargePoint or ChargeNow card.
“Our goal at ChargePoint is to get everyone behind the wheel of an EV and grant EV charging everywhere they go,” said Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO. “With strategically-placed stations where drivers need them, these express charging corridors will give EV drivers the freedom to go farther and have an EV as their only car without limitation.”

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Nissan ZEOD RC Hits Over 300 KPH at Le Mans

Nissan ZEOD RC Hits Over 300 KPH at Le Mans Nissan’s hybrid ZEOD RD Le Mans prototype racer set a couple of bittersweet landmarks yesterday in completing one lap of the Le Mans 24 Hours in all-electric mode, topping 300 kph, but broke after 23 minutes and did not end.
In qualifying on the Mulsanne Honest, driver Satoshi Motoyama crossed over 300 mph (186 mph) and in limited stipulations, the experimental vehicle established insignificant history, thus gave some cause for celebration, if not also disappointment.
The ZEOD (Zero Emissions On Demand) is propelled by a dual powertrain consisting of an amazingly potent 1.5-liter three-cylinder weighing 40 kilograms and pushing 400 horsepower, and two 110-kw electric motors. Read more