Watch the Falcon Wing Doors Operate On Tesla Model X

Watch the Falcon Wing Doors Operate On Tesla Model X An amateur record uploaded to YouTube has given us a new look at the Tesla Model X falcon wing doors in action.
The Tesla Model X is the automaker’s third vehicle and will officially launch on Tuesday at an event held in Fremont, Calif. One of the most unique features of the Model X will be its falcon wing doors, which open vertically, nearly like gull-wing doors. The variation is that the falcon wings are double hinged, so they don’t swing out to the side of the vehicle.
In the record, we can see one of the falcon wing doors opening and finishing, though this test mule requires the driver to hop out and end finishing the door.
This month, Tesla invited Model X Signature Edition buyers to configure their cars, which start at $133,200. These models include the 90-kWh battery with the electric motors providing 503 horsepower to all four wheels, giving the Model X a zero-to-60 time of 3.8 seconds. Pricing and power details on other models has not yet been revealed.
Check back tomorrow for more info on the Model X launch event which will likely include details on the new all-electric crossover. Read more

Tesla Adds Six-Passenger Seat Layout For Model X

Tesla Adds Six-Passenger Seat Layout For Model X Tesla has start offering a six-passenger layout for its Model X as an option to the seven-passenger arrangement.
The photos are screen captures from its online ordering Design Studio, and the six-passenger seating appears to be a new addition because it was existing to someone who already configured a Signature s couple weeks ago. Read more

Tesla Sends Invites For Next Week’s Model X Launch Event

Tesla Sends Invites For Next Week’s Model X Launch Event This morning Tesla Motors started sending out invitations to the Model X launch event Sept. 29, eight days from today.
The ceremony of handing over the first Founder’s editions will take place at Tesla’s newly bought adjacent property, the former Solyndra factory.
It’s not immediately clear why that location was chosen instead of the main factory in Fremont where Model S had been delivered June 2012. It could have to do with the fact they want a huge party there, and do not want to interfere with the busy main factory, though this is just conjecture.
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The Model S handing-over event itself was not so much a full-on party or technology reveal as a delivery event. And technology does need to be revealed, as Tesla has attempted to keep many details of the Model X under wraps until now.
Numerous other questions remain down to the base-level starting price for the Model X. Top-drawer Signatures start at $132,000, not much more than a comparably equipped Model S.
It’s said the entry point therefore will not be much more than an entry level Model S 70D, which starts at $76,200 before incentives.
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Unknown also is how generous the turnout will be, but this has been one anticipated event. With more than 30,000 reservation holders in a line stat started three-and-a-half-years ago, much pent-up interest is awaiting this reveal.
Expect also live streaming and much media coverage for the electric crossover utility vehicle.
This event will also be a major milestone on the way to the next stage of Tesla’s primary focus – Model 3.
The company is building its Gigafactory in Nevada and working a long-term plot toward that vehicle which could be priced from the mid 30s with 20-plus mile range. Read more

Tesla Model X Gets Slight Range Increase

Tesla Model X Gets Slight Range Increase Tesla’s Model X due to start deliveries Sept 29 is now apparently estimated to travel 250 miles on a charge instead of 240.
This is for the leading 90-kilowatt-hour battery version, and the increase was learned by customers first in line to get the hugely pre-ordered electric crossover.
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First reports were on the Tesla Motors Club forums by buyers who’d been invited to configure the car on the Tesla Design Studio. The studio estimated 240 miles, and now it has inexplicably been changed to 250 miles.
Tesla fans are speculating on why this may be, but it’s unclear at this writing. Read more

BMW i5 May Be a Hydrogen-Powered Crossover

BMW i5 May Be a Hydrogen-Powered Crossover BMW may not be saying much in this area its upcoming BMW i5, but plenty of other public are.
Though the i5’s nomenclature slots it in between BMW’s battery-electric i3 or plug-in i8, it looks more and more like the i5 will have modest in common with its electrified siblings. The newest rumor to start swirling in this area the upcoming vehicle is that the i5 may be powered by hydrogen.
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Given that BMW has been making waves with the public testing of its fuel cell prototype this summer, it isn’t surprising that some are wondering if this will be the next production powertrain for the company.
But, according to and reported by BMWBlog, this information is coming from German sources with surrounded by information.
Outfitting the i5 with a hydrogen setup also falls in line with recent comments by Matthias Klietz, BMW’s vice president of powertrain research.
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“A hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle is going to be used for long pouring. It can save a lot of power,” said Klietz. “We have categorized it as for a generous vehicle, because it will work best if it’s doing long distances – more than 18,000 kilometers [11,185 miles] a year.”
Surrounded by sources also suggest that the i5 won’t be a sedan sized to compete against the upcoming Tesla Model 3. Instead, said BMWBlog, the i5 will be packaged as a crossover, with BMW ditching the vertically-opening doors of the i8 and adding more comfort for passengers.
The release date is predicted to be around 2020, which is on the far end of previous estimates.

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Hyundai Announces Creta Sub-compact SUV

Hyundai Announces Creta Sub-compact SUV Hyundai has revealed the name of its first global sub-compact SUV.
The Hyundai Creta will launch in the second half of 2015, starting with India and will be a global model.
While the Korean automaker didn’t share many details in this area its next new model, it did give details on its name, which is derived primarily from Crete, the leading of the Greek islands. According to Hyundai, Crete was the focal point for Greece’s global prowess in trade and culture and the automaker’s aim with the Hyundai Creta is to be an influential global model for the brand in one of the fastest-growing vehicle segments.
“Pronunciation of Creta deliberately evokes welcome similarities with the term ‘creative,’ and draws on positive associations with the Mediterranean island of Crete, which is famed for combining a relaxed and tranquil environment with a vibrant, energetic approach to outdoor activities,” Hyundai said in a statement.
Expect more details on the Hyundai Creta subcompact SUV as it gets quicker to its global launch in India later this year. For the Indian market, the Hyundai Creta will compete with offerings from Mahindra & Mahindra, Renault, Nissan, Ford and Tata Motors.
Despite being allocated as a global product, Hyundai has not said if the crossover will be existing in North America.

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Mitsubishi’s PHEV Declaration Of Intent

Mitsubishi’s PHEV Declaration Of Intent Mitsubishi will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show a two-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) concept that will showcase the direction the company is taking for its offerings on the horizon.
“A future-oriented attitude: powerful, quick and dynamic” is the theme of the 85th International Geneva Motor Show official poster and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) said this statement is in exact synergy with the company’s presence this year.
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Spy Photos of Prius-Fighting Hyundai Reveal New Body

Spy Photos of Prius-Fighting Hyundai Reveal New Body New spy shots of Hyundai’s upcoming answer to the Prius have been released. The prototype was heavily cloaked, but photos show – for the first time – Hyundai’s new body for the mule.
With a compact footprint, wedge-like adjoin and a stubby rear end, the Hyundai’s profile is very similar to a 2014 Toyota Prius v. The photos, which were released by, also show close-ups of the undercarriage.
The prototype still lacks a name and a release date, though Hyundai has previously said the compact will be a purpose-built hybrid, not a current model outfitted with an electric motor. Rawvehicle predicts the car will be released next year with a 1.6-liter inline-four engine as part of the hybrid powertrain.
The thought of making a small hybrid to compete with the Prius isn’t new for Hyundai. In 2010, Miles Johnson, Hyundai product public relations manager, spoke with in this area the concept.
“We are studying a dedicated Prius-fighter vehicle, importance a hybrid-specific nameplate that isn’t based off a Sonata or a Santa Fe,” said Johnson. “It’s its own thing.”
At the time, Johnson expected this project, pictured above, to be ready by 2012.
“We’ve also been studying plug-in hybrid technology, which is a bit farther out for us. But the near-term would be a Prius-sized vehicle,” Johnson said. “You can look at the dimensions of the Blue Will concept and see it would be a similar package and size to a Prius.”
The compact prototype is part of Hyundai’s strategy to expand hybrid sales. Later this year, an updated Sonata Hybrid and an all-new Sonata Plug-In Hybrid will be available. Hyundai is also considering producing a crossover with an efficient diesel engine.
Now, Toyota dominates the hybrid market, accounting for 66.84-percent of all hybrid sales. Hyundai/Kia ranked in fourth place last month, with a marginal 6.59-percent market share.

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