Is The 2016 Volt Worth Buying?

Is The 2016 Volt Worth Buying? As orders are being taken now in California, Chevrolet hopes its 2016 Volt due in a couple months will prove to be a superior fuel and money saver for more public.
Since the first-generation model was launched in December 2010, the Volt has had a polarizing effect on public – or ducked under the radar – for too-many nuanced reasons to elaborate here, but those who “get it” mainly like it.
The outgoing 2015 Volt had an electric range of 38 rated miles and the new one is pegged at 53. Less-often published is the EPA rates it for 57 all-electric miles in the city, and 49 all-electric miles highway.
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Efficiency on electricity has has now been bumped from 98 MPGe combined to 106 MPGe. Fuel economy on gas only has increased from 37 mpg to 42 combined – 43 city, 42 highway –and the new range-extending engine runs on cheaper regular fuel. Read more

Chevrolet Spark EV Test Drive Review

Chevrolet Spark EV Test Drive Review
Vehicle Facts
128 / 109MPGe1.8 / 2.2L/100kmBODY TYPE: HatchbackTECHNOLOGY: ElectricBASE MSRP: $27,495
The Chevrolet Spark EV is General Motors’ first electric car since the EV1 was discontinued in 1999, and more’s the pity it’s only available in California and Oregon.
In the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” GM was implicated, and if the Spark EV helps redeem it, one could still say GM has given birth to a new electric car, only to leave it confined under curfew.
If but you do reside in the two states where the zero-emission car has staked out a small claim on the electric car market, count yourself fortunate. It’s a fun modest car that gets the job done, but GM is not as bold as Nissan with its 50-state Leaf, or even underdog Mitsubishi with its similarly-positioned i-MiEV also available nationwide.
For now, GM says only it is reviewing other markets, but has made no announcements for other states.
That said, we got a chance to for a small time drive one in Indiana. The stint behind the wheel was existing in Indianapolis as part of a Ride, Drive & Charge event place on by the Electric Drive Transportation Association. Read more