What Led Volkswagen To Use Emission Cheats

What Led Volkswagen To Use Emission Cheats As the tale of Volkswagen’s emission defeat devices continues to unfold, details on how the diesel engines were rigged and which cars are affected are slowly coming to light.
But executives within the carmaker – along with others involved with the investigation – have said very modest on what motivated Volkswagen Assemble to install these cheats on more than 11 million cars worldwide. Like many scandals that have come before, the trigger of Volkswagen’s “dieselgate” appears to be rooted in money.
Over the last decade, Volkswagen had been struggling to gain a solid footing in the U.S. diesel market. The perception that diesel emitted more pollution than gasoline engines, tumultuous diesel fuel prices and the cost of diesel technology proved challenging to overcome.
This ad for Volkswagen proudly describes the TDI engine as “clean diesel.” Promise not kept.
To help boost sales, Volkswagen started a marketing campgain labeling its powertrain as “clean diesel.” The ads seemed effective.
“In 2012, Volkswagen’s U.S. sales volume rose to the highest level since 1973,” noted Timothy Cain, an analyst that tracks vehicle sales for GoodCarBadCar.net.
Sales numbers refused to solidify for the company, as Business Insider noted just two years later:
“Volkswagen recently announced that its U.S. auto sales dropped by a staggering 22 percent in June,” Business Insider reported in June 2014. “This will mark the fourth time in the last six months that the brand has experienced a double-digit fall in sales.”
Volkswagen’s share of the U.S. diesel market was quick ground, though. Last year, Car and Driver noted that 75 percent of all diesels cars sold in 2013 were a Volkswagen.
But at the same time Volkswagen was working to maintain its market share, the cost of efficient diesel engines was chipping away at its profits.
“The problem for VW was that cutting NOx [nitrogen oxides] is expensive,” said Automotive News‘ Nick Gibbs. “Analysts from Exane BNP Paribas estimate that reduction technologies have risen from around 700 euros ($790) per vehicle to meet Europe’s Euro5 emissions targets to 1,300 euros for Euro6, which has just come into force this month.”
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When comparing markets, Alberto Pisoni, a director with Genera Motors Powertrain in Europe, said lower unit sales and more stringent emissions regulations make the U.S. the “most challenging” diesel market.
“When you have a larger scale for your product then for sure there is a benefit,” commented Pisoni.
For other auto manufacturers trying to mix together low-emission technology in an appealing, competitive vehicle, the reality of Volkswagen’s pressure to use a defeat device could become a warning against using diesel. Gibbs clarifies why:
“The knowledge that arguably the world’s technology leader in diesels can’t make the U.S market work without cheating could now repel other makers.”

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BMW i5 May Be a Hydrogen-Powered Crossover

BMW i5 May Be a Hydrogen-Powered Crossover BMW may not be saying much in this area its upcoming BMW i5, but plenty of other public are.
Though the i5’s nomenclature slots it in between BMW’s battery-electric i3 or plug-in i8, it looks more and more like the i5 will have modest in common with its electrified siblings. The newest rumor to start swirling in this area the upcoming vehicle is that the i5 may be powered by hydrogen.
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Given that BMW has been making waves with the public testing of its fuel cell prototype this summer, it isn’t surprising that some are wondering if this will be the next production powertrain for the company.
But, according to Motor.es and reported by BMWBlog, this information is coming from German sources with surrounded by information.
Outfitting the i5 with a hydrogen setup also falls in line with recent comments by Matthias Klietz, BMW’s vice president of powertrain research.
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“A hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle is going to be used for long pouring. It can save a lot of power,” said Klietz. “We have categorized it as for a generous vehicle, because it will work best if it’s doing long distances – more than 18,000 kilometers [11,185 miles] a year.”
Surrounded by sources also suggest that the i5 won’t be a sedan sized to compete against the upcoming Tesla Model 3. Instead, said BMWBlog, the i5 will be packaged as a crossover, with BMW ditching the vertically-opening doors of the i8 and adding more comfort for passengers.
The release date is predicted to be around 2020, which is on the far end of previous estimates.

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UK Extends £5,000 EV Rebate to February 2016

UK Extends £5,000 EV Rebate to February 2016 The U.K. is adding £200 million to its EV discount program, which will extend the £5,000 new vehicle credit for an three additional months to February 2016.
Previously set to run out this fall, U.K. government officials said they are expanding the rebates to spur more sales of low emission vehicles.
“The U.K. is now the fastest growing market for electric vehicles in Europe,” said Transport Minister Andrew Jones. “We will continue to invest to help make this technology affordable to everyone and to secure the U.K.’s position as a global leader.”
The original discount was made for 50,000 buyers, awarding £5,000 ($7,711) for the buy of what the U.K. marks as ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs). This assemble initially included only battery electric (BEVs) plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), but has since been expanded to fuel cell vehicles as well.
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With the additional £200 million ($308 million) for the fund, these grants are now expected to last through February next year. According to Auto Express, the country has already seen positive progression from the grant.
“In the first half of 2015, sales of plug-in vehicles escalated dramatically with a 256 percent progression against the same period in 2014,” Auto Express reported. “By June, ULEV registrations had surpassed that of the whole of 2014.”

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Ghosn: CO2 Limits and New Tech Poised To Make EVs Mainstream Viable

Ghosn: CO2 Limits and New Tech Poised To Make EVs Mainstream Viable Having previously said affordable technology is coming into place for double-the-range-for-the-money EVs, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says the UN’s global climate change summit in Paris this November will also determine pressure for the zero-emission cars.
“When we know exactly where the EU, US, China will be heading in 2030, I can tell you exactly how much electric cars will be needed,” said Ghosn in a recent interview with the Guardian.
The UN summit will host government representatives from 190 nations in an attempt to set limits due to run out in 2020. They are expected to set the tone for the following decade and possibly longer, and this, says Ghosn will play a role in EVs’ viability.
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The head of the company now reliable for selling half of all EVs in the world is but reluctant to be as bullish in making predictions as he was a few years ago.
Ahead of schedule Renault-Nissan goals of 1.5 million cars by 2016 and 1 million in the U.S. set by 2015 by President Barack Obama proved optimistic, but unchanged is climate warming and that today transportation financial statement for 23 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.
The automaker has already said it has a test mule Leaf easily capable of 250 miles range with a battery chemistry that charges quicker, and costs modest enough to replace today’s 84-mile Leaf for around the same price.
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Other cost issues are determined by scale, said Ghosn to the Guardian.
“This is a scale problem,” said Ghosn. “The technology necessarily has nothing expensive. If you come to the basic physics of an electric car, it is not supposed to be more expensive than a combustion engine.”
Government incentives will still be needed, he said, as will more charging stations if markets are expected to blossom.
Otherwise, the EV protagonist who has place his name on the line more than any other head of a major automaker, is addressing key concerns critics have levied against EVs – namely, price, range, and recharge time.
Ghosn is aiming for a no-excuses key the mainstream buyer will embrace, and not just for those pleased to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate first-generation EVs.

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2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Priced From $26,100

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Priced From $26,100 Hyundai today announced pricing for its redesigned seventh-generation 2016 Sonata Hybrid starting at $26,100.
Above the base Hybrid trim level is a Hybrid Limited starting at $30,100 and Hybrid Limited with bluye pearl interior for the same $31,100.
These prices, not including an additional destination fee, are in line with the existing $26,000 2015 Sonata Hybrid’s starting point and the car is due to start sale nationwide this summer ahead of a plug-in hybrid version pending this fall.
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White-clad Tesla Model X Spotted

White-clad Tesla Model X Spotted A nice clear forward three-quarter view of the Tesla Model X was provided by a California photographer on a car enthusiast’s forum.
We cropped the photos for your viewing edification, but the originals are posted below in the gallery.
The delayed and much anticipated crossover is expected to start deliveries the third quarter of this year and a few clear images of other angles have circulated previously, but no pictures have been full by Tesla.
Source: VWVortex; photographer: hushypushy.
More often the rear-end of the car have been more prominent. Shown pouring in Los Altos, a photographer who goes by the name hushypushy snapped some shots, including one that gives proportion appropriately enough next to a white Nissan Leaf.
The photographer’s comment on the VW Vortex forum:
“Bumping this thread not because I have any new info, but because I saw this thing in succession around today,” said the photo taker. “Is it just me or does the rear door look kinda…off? Wonder what they’re doing there.”
It may be the pre-production prototype has a glitch or two, so no doubts there.
Source: VWVortex; photographer: hushypushy.
Speculation on production configuration for the car with more than 20,000 paid reservations continues.
Will it have more range or – possibly – less than the Model S? Maybe 230 miles? Maybe more if they stuff as huge as a 100-Kwh battery in there?
It’s known all-wheel-drive is in the works, and that news was out before the Model S P85D. Will a comparable uber-powerful trim level be existing for Model X too, so we may soon see family haulers competing in drag races on street and strip against supercars?
Unknown. One thing certain is Tesla is working out the bugs and wants this car aptly as it prepares also its Gigafactory and next year’s reveal of the Model 3 – the car to be priced for those other than high-income earners.
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Tesla Now Able To Sell Direct To Customers In Maryland

Tesla Now Able To Sell Direct To Customers In Maryland Last week, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed into effect House Bill 235, which will allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to customers as soon as this year.
According to the International Business Times, the bill lets Tesla open up as many as four dealerships in Maryland starting on October 1.
With the addition of Maryland, Tesla is now able to sell direct to customers in 26 states, leaving 24 remaining including West Virginia where Tesla was recently blocked from direct sales.
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“These laws will additionally allow companies like Tesla to introduce new automotive technology to more public and educate patrons in this area the benefits of electric cars. We hope this momentum combined with encouragement from independent entities, such as the Federal Trade Commission, will lead to direct sales in other states such as Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, and Arizona,” wrote Tesla’s Vice President of Corporate & Business Development Diarmuid O’Connell, in an e-mail to AutoblogGreen.
Autoblog also reported that House Bill 235 was oddly supported by the Maryland Automotive Dealers Association, due in part to the part of the bill that limits Tesla to only sell EVs in its most four dealerships.
A assemble opposed to direct-to-customer vehicle sales, General Motors, lobbied against House Bill 235. Its argument was that all automakers should abide by the same rules and regulations, and just because Tesla sells EVs, it shouldn’t be given extra allowances in regards to distribution channels.
Autoblog, Theverge

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6 Ways the 2016 Chevy Volt Has Been Improved

6 Ways the 2016 Chevy Volt Has Been Improved Borrowing a description from one of dozens of awards received, Chevrolet says its first-generation Volt was a “moonshot” so in what way has the 2016 Chevy Volt been improved in peacefulness to top that glowing description?
Now that we know pricing starts at $33,995 for the base 2016 LT, $38,345 for the LTZ, and GM’s ordering guide is online, some public are still wondering whether the 2016 Volt is indeed better than the original.
If you want the seller to tell you, Chevrolet’s dedicated 2016 Volt web page boldly quotes another publication saying “Second-Generation Volt is better by each measure,” and for many this will be absolutely right. For others, maybe the new car will be close but no cigar?
Chevrolet says it listened to focus groups in developing the 2016 Volt, and to cast a bit more detached spotlight on it, following are some of the changes including major ones, insignificant ones, and ones that are merely different.
The release largest reason to buy a plug-in gas-electric car is of course to avoid using gas. Does that sound nearly weird or are you already with us?
The Volt’s mission in life is as an extended-range electric vehicle and its 50-mile EV range is more than double the next-closest 19 miles from a Ford Fusion and C-Max Energi and significantly above the 2011-2015 Volt. Read more