Russian Yo-Mobil (Ё мобиль) is ready

yo mobil  %tages Russian Yo Mobil (Ё мобиль) is readyFormer and future presidential candidate and billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov looks as if he is going beyond his pet project of the Yo-mobil(Ё-Мобиль), Russia’s first hybrid car, to create a whole family of Yo-products.

Russia's Yo-Auto plant started the registration of 12 trademarks to the Russian patent service.

"Yo-Wow", "Yo-Phone" and "Yo-you" are just some of ten names beginning with “yo” Prokhorov is going to use to develop new businesses and promote his Yo-Mobil car. The patent authority did not specify though which products the brands would be applied to. While it’s a hard to guess which product may bear the "Yo-Wow" name, "Yo-phone’s" application looks more straightforward.

"Yo-Mobil" club’s official website is saying Yo-phone will be a cell phone which will use Bluetooth to start the car, or contact the service center.

One of Yo-mobil trademarks has already been hijacked though. Last year a company called Yo-mobile received a license to provide telecommunications services. The company said despite the almost identical sound of the two brand names, the project does not have any relation to the businessman.Other new products under the new trademarks will be announced within a month.
yo mobil  %tages Russian Yo Mobil (Ё мобиль) is ready
The “environmentally-friendly” hybrid electric car was introduced in 2010 and will be produced by Yo-auto(Ё-авто), a Russian company that is a joint venture between truck maker Yarovit(Яровит) and Onexim investment group. Yo-auto plans to begin producing the car during the second half of 2012.

The annual production capacity of the first Yo-mobile plant near St. Petersburg is estimated at 45000 cars, with company plans to sell these cars abroad.

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  1. They have these claims that the hybrids get such good gas mileage. And they probably do. How much does it cost you in electricity to charge up their batteries? Cause if it costs a lot in your electric bill, why bother? And then there is the cost of a new battery? How often do you have to pay that out? Anybody been through this or have knowledge thereof?

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