PNNL Lab ‘Shoebox’ Monitors EV and Grid to Prevent Overloads

world news  %tages PNNL Lab Shoebox Monitors EV and Grid to Prevent Overloads

RICHLAND — Electric cars account for fewer than 0.05 percent of passenger vehicles in the United States today, but Michael Kintner-Meyer envisions a future where plug-ins rule the roads.
The proliferation of electric cars will bring benefits — like lower tailpipe emissions — ­but could also start unique headaches, says Kintner-Mayer, who leads a project at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland to improve the vehicles and tackle the problems.
Now, he and his colleagues have crafted a key to the scenario that gives power-grid operators nightmares: The prospect that millions of Americans will get home from work and plug in their cars at the same time.

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