More Carmakers Might be Cheating on Diesel Emissions Testing

world news  %tages More Carmakers Might be Cheating on Diesel Emissions Testing Volkswagen might not be the only automaker cheating on diesel emissions tests.
Earlier this month, the European Federation for Transport and Environment released a report signifying that automakers could be using software or other technology so that their diesel vehicles perform better during emissions tests than they do on the road. The report points at BMW, Mercedes-Benz and General Motors’ Opel brand as potential offenders.
The European environmental assemble based its report on a review of data from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), the same organization which outed Volkswagen for cheating on diesel emissions tests.
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As a result, the report now raises questions in this area how Europe’s emissions testing is conducted and suggests that Volkswagen may not be the only automaker that have used methods to get better readings in emissions tests. The assemble says that ICCT tests have clear discrepancies between lab emissions test results and real-world performance.
Organization spokesman Nico Muzi said that Volkswagen is “just the tip of the iceberg” and that the discrepancies are “experience crosswise the board.”
Considering how bright the spotlight is on Volkswagen, don’t be surprised if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) starts bright it elsewhere.
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