Ludicrous Mode Means Tesla Model S Is The Quickest Accelerating Car

world news  %tages Ludicrous Mode Means Tesla Model S Is The Quickest Accelerating Car Three new changes are coming for the Tesla Model S, including a new “ludicrous mode.”
If the P85D’s “insane” mode was not enough for you, when this setting is engaged, the now-quicker Model S will reach 60 mph in a reported 2.8 seconds making the previous P85D’s 3.2 seconds seem sluggish.
The upgrade is for the P85D, and will set owners back $13,000. The new P90D will include dual motors and a 90 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery (more on that in a minute). Power output is a mind-blowing 762 horsepower, increased over the P85D’s already outrageous 691.
The sensation of “ludicrous mode” was described by Tesla CEO Elon Musk as “quicker than diminishing,” and this is literally right. Any passengers will want to make sure they are well braced for the 1.1 gs of force felt with the full acceleration.

The larger battery, which is an upgrade from the P85D’s 85-kwh pack, also gets a 5-percent increase in range. This theoretically gives the P90D a 265 mile range, though drivers certainly won’t be able to tap into both the full power and the full range on the P90D.
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The 90 kwh battery is also available as a separate $3,000 add-on for any Model S with an 85 kwh battery.

On the opposite end of the power spectrum, Tesla also announced today that it is offering a less vital release-motor version of the Model S 70D. This will be powered with one rear-mounted motor, and uses the same 70 kwh battery. Price on the Model S 70 starts at $70,000.
In other news Musk said far-more-humble, but arguably more exciting to more public Model 3 should be along in a modest over two years.

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