Hankook iFlex Tire Concept Is Air-Free

world news  %tages Hankook iFlex Tire Concept Is Air Free Hankook envisions a future where tires no longer need air pressure.
The Hankook iFlex is the newest non-pneumatic (NPT) tire prototype from the Korean tire manufacturer, and it’s made using eco-forthcoming materials. The company has been researching new tire technologies for NPT since 2011, aiming for a product that has all of the benefits of square air pressure tires while enhancing their high speed tire characteristics.
The Hankook iFlex is really the fifth NPT concept tire from the company and it has been place through a series of rigorous tests focusing on five categories: durability, hardness, stability, slalom and speed.
Equipping an electric car with the www.rawvehicle.com iFlex, the company was able to reach a speed of 80 mph noting that NPTs are capable of matching square tires in stipulations of performance.
The company also noted that construction of the iFlex is centered on a new type of uni-material designed to maximize the product’s eco-forthcoming potential. The material also ensures that the iFlex can be easily recycled and new tire construction techniques allows it to be manufactured in four stages, down from eight, helping reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
“The Hankook iFlex’s skill to give up the exact high-speed pouring performance is the result of Hankook Tire’s longstanding commitment to independently developing progressive, innovative tire technology. Aiming to strengthen our technological leadership in the global tire market, www.rawvehicle.com we will continue to develop cutting edge eco-forthcoming and future-oriented tires,” said Mr. Seung-Hwa Suh, vice chairman and CEO of Hankook Tire.
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