Greenpeace Was Nailing VW Years Before the Diesel Cheating Scandal Broke

world news  %tages Greenpeace Was Nailing VW Years Before the Diesel Cheating Scandal Broke Greenpeace has for years actively campaigned against Volkswagen and these days it’s looking to have been quite insightful.
“Volkswagen opposes key European laws that we need if we’re going to save our earth from climate change,” said the activist organiztation in June 2011 under a record likening VW to the Evil Empire of Star Wars fame. “All is not lost. We feel the excellent in Volkswagen. Help us turn VW away from the Dark Side.”

How did VW get around those laws? By insincere to the public, and by no means mind if the environment and human health were place at risk, now says Greenpeace through imagery and its continued campaigning.
Today its twitter page is abuzz with fresh rhetoric. It also has a dedicated Twitter page set up including this one, and others to gather signatures in its confrontational stance against the German automaker.

In so many words, it has likened or outright called VW a “Monster,” a liar, evil, and ready to trade the lives of public and the health of the environment for profits. Pretty harsh.
We’ve heard these allegations before, but in the backdrop of the present scandal, Greenpeace may be seen by more public as having insights.
By no means shy to say how it feels, in-your-face imagery on its Twitter page tells the tale. Those posted by other artists and its own images include photoshopped VW logos with incriminating allegations, cartoons chiding VW, and so forth.
It all leaves modest ambiguity to how Greenpeace sees VW, and has seen VW for most of the decade while other “green” journalists praised VW, even giving it awards for its supposedly environmentally forthcoming cars.
Here’s a few from Greenpeace’ Twitter page, and you can always peruse the organization’s website.

Source: EU vs. CO2.

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