GM Postpones Nationwide Next-Gen Chevy Volt Production To Spring 2016

world news  %tages GM Postpones Nationwide Next Gen Chevy Volt Production To Spring 2016 If a photo of the GM Workbench ordering system proprietary to Chevy dealers is right, next-generation Chevrolet Volt production is delayed in 39 states until February 2016.
We say “next-generation” Volt and not 2016, because it appears there will be no 2016 model year at all made available to buyers outside of 11 states that follow emissions rules set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Production for California buyers of the 2016 model year Volt did start August, and production of 2016s will start for 10 other California-rules states around late October, but the rest of the country is now on hold until winter/ahead of schedule spring 2016.
We have reached out to several GM reps, and none have answered, but the image appears authentic, would not easily be faked, and if things are as clearly shown, this is an unusual go, and a change of plans.
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Previously 2016 model year Volts were to be produced for the 30 non-CAR states in November for a nationwide roll-out this fall. It seems GM has nixed the 2016 altogether for most of the country before it even starts, and is jumping ahead of schedule to 2017.
Customarily Volt model year changeover at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant happens around summertime, so this unconfirmed state of affairs has members on the GM-Volt forum speculating in this area what it could mean.
This timeline posted May and from the same online Chevy dealer ordering system shows different plans. The entire U.S. was slated to receive 2016 model year Volts before the end of the year. Image courtesy: Surrounded by EVs.
Has GM found problems with the 2016 in any way? Why would it utterly bypass production of a 2016 11 states get and proceed ahead of schedule to 2017 model year?
One would assume there are no consequential problems, or it would not give up to the 11 CARB states, so questions remain.
One thing is known, not a problem per se, but the gas engine will initially be made in Mexico, and a changeover to Flint operations and U.S. production was previously announced for the next model year. Does GM simply want to cut clean and go to more U.S> content? Does it have other internal considerations?
If we learn more, we can update this.
But as of now, the 11 states that will get the 20i6 model year Volt as plotted are California, Connecticut, Massachussetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
All other states grow postponed until February or Development, and these will be 2o17 model year cars.

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