First Tesla P90D Owners Will Soon Have Their Super-Quick Cars

world news  %tages First Tesla P90D Owners Will Soon Have Their Super Quick Cars The very first Tesla P90D customers could take delivery any day now
Reports are now that the blazing-quick EV is in transit, and like the car, things can happen quick at Tesla.
Not long after a jaw-dropping P85D all-wheel-drive version last October was announced with 691 horsepower, Tesla in July upped the ante agin with 762 horsepower upgrade.
This is a $13,000 option over the P85D that includes a larger 90-kwh battery and “Ludicrous” acceleration mode.
The P90D Tesla says, accelerates to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, and reaches 1.1g in the initial thrust. Top speed is 155 mph, EPA rating is the same as the P85D and price starts at $119,200.
Ludicrous Mode Means Tesla Model S Is The Quickest Accelerating Car
According to InsideEVs, Tesla buyers are saying their ordered cars with the new 90-kwh battery is “in transit” and so it will be not long after before public encounter it first hand.
It may also not be long after that before videos of speed contests start screening up. Articles have been written saying the family sedan (technically a hatchback) is quicker than many elite supercars.


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