Does The Tesla Model X Look Like A Pontiac Aztek?

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While Tesla is aiming to disrupt the automotive world again with what it hopes will be perceived as an utterly avante garde crossover, some see its Model X as gorgeous, and others are likening it to the Pontiac Aztek.
Are public being too harsh? Or is the Aztek gorgeous also, so that would be considered a back-handed compliment?

Do the two vehicles share modest in common? Obviously one is a five-passenger GM internal-combustion powered vehicle circa 2001-2005 that ahead of schedule on had some who liked it, and it was intended to break new design ground.
Tesla’s Model X on the other hand is also breaking new ground with its panoramic windshield, falcon wing doors, and sleek profile in a larger seven-person public hauler. It will immediately jump to the head of the pack as the quickest crossover with as low as 3.2-second 0-60 and up to 762 all-electric horsepower, so aside from general appearances, it is quite dissimilar to the Aztek.
That said, one can see a similarity in the outline and purpose of the two vehicles, at least in a general sense. Larger wheels and different lines do not mean the Model X is mistaken for a clone.
Beneath the surface of some peoples’ observation is also a jab at Tesla because identical or not, the Aztek for many represented a styling low-water mark, and here is Tesla’s long-awaited ultimate which has been subtly reshaped since the concept was shown in 2012.
A stout Model S thanks to Photoshop. Image source: Online Tesla forum.
Ordinarily this inquiry of resemblance, or not so much, might be a more objective inquiry that could be settled rather easily, but we are merely documenting the subjective impressions other public are making.
An underlying inquiry is also, simply, do you find the Model X attractive?
Online commenters have posted photos of the Aztek to say how they feel in this area the Model X, and we’ve seen also a bloated image of Model S along with commentary to describe Tesla’s new pride and joy.
All we can say is personal tastes are, well, personal. What gets one person excited may turn off another. So it goes in this fantastic huge cosmopolitan world where opinions may readily be floated by anyone with an internet connection and keyboard.
And, everyone has the aptly to like or dislike a particular vehicle. What do you see?

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