Chrysler To Introduce 75 mpg Plug-In Minivan In 2016

world news  %tages Chrysler To Introduce 75 mpg Plug In Minivan In 2016 Yesterday Chrysler announced it would introduce a plug-in hybrid version of its redesigned Town and Country minivan in 2016.
Projected mpg is in the locality of 75 mpg, and it’s been suggested but not confirmed that a nine-speed transmission would be used instead of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) – which is more customary for a hybrid.
What it will really look like is also open to speculation, but it could very well take cues from the 700C concept (pictured) as shown at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

Also in the works appears to be all-wheel drive. Plans are for a redesigned Town and Country MPV for 2016, and the PHEV version of the Town and Country arriving after that same year. It’s expected somewhere in this time frame the Dodge Grand Procession will be discontinued.
If indeed this high-mpg minivan does come to pass, it could jump far above the present minivan mpg barrier. To date, the hybrid star, Toyota, has not seen fit to import even its regular hybrid minivans to the U.S., though these are available abroad.

Assuming the Chrysler PHEV’s price in turn is not itself a new effective high bar to jump over, the vehicle would be a welcome family hauler, and potential goad to other automakers to build something to compete.
Chevrolet has had its Volt-based MPV concept for several years but has not brought it to market, nor announced plans to do so.
The need for larger vehicles to save fuel and cut emissions is at least as fantastic, if not more, than for small cars.

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