China’s Fourth Largest Automaker Opens Facility In US

world news  %tages China’s Fourth Largest Automaker Opens Facility In US One of China’s leading automakers – BAIC Motor – has opened a research and development gift in California.
BAIC said the go is part of the company’s plans to establish a global presence. As part of this extension, the company will also open a research and development gift in Europe at a later, undisclosed date.
New partnerships have also arisen under the go. BAIC said that the California gift will support collaborations with Beijing New Engineering Research Institute, Siemens AG, SK Assemble and Italian prototype draftsman CECOMP SpA. And one of the new relations is a local startup: Atieva, which develops technology for electric vehicles, is based out of Menlo Park.
“With the aid of its partners,” reported Automotive News, “BAIC plans to develop a family of three electric cars with a most range of 124 up to 248 miles. The company will showcase a new model at the 2016 Beijing auto show.”
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A staff of 20 is working out of BAIC’s new center, focusing on electric vehicles and batteries, among other projects.
In the next five years BAIC said it wants to boost production of electric vehicles from this year’s estimated 12,400 (all of which will be sold in China) to 200,000 vehicles. Of this number, BAIC plans to sell 60,000 outside of China.

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