Chevrolet To Delay Volt Production To Next Spring as 2017 Model Year For 39 States

world news  %tages Chevrolet To Delay Volt Production To Next Spring as 2017 Model Year For 39 States A rumor that Chevrolet was pushing back its nationwide production schedule for the next-generation Volt, and nixing 2016 model years altogether for 39 states has been verified.
Chevrolet will as scheduled continue an ordering process for 2016 model year Volts that started in California in May, and later with 10 more ZEV states, but the Volt will change over to 2017 ahead of schedule next spring and at that point it will be existing to the rest of the country.
This was verified following an interview and a brief statement by the automaker describing the change of plans.
“Chevrolet has a shortened model year for the 2016 Chevy Volt that will have a limited distribution arrangement,” said GM media rep Kevin Kelly reading a set statement. “The 2016 Volt will be sold in our strongest EREV markets. The 2017 Chevrolet Volt will start production ahead of schedule this spring and will be available throughout the country.”
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Not said in the statement is that 2016 model year had been originally plotted for the full nation beginning November, but the production for the 39 non-ZEV states has been pushed to February 20167, according to info full to Chevy dealers, and obtained by
On Saturday posted news of a rumor – explaining it was a rumor – and only one other publication also ran with it, as it was based on images represented as full by Chevy dealers. We did so based on communications also with the head moderator at who is well connected, and he was now saying the photo appeared like it could be authentic. Turns out it was.
So, the Volt will be a 2017 by ahead of schedule spring. Whether this means Development, April, or what month, GM could not confirm in an interview today.
This tale started when certain known Volt-supporting dealers expressed disappointment on Facebook over small supplies of 2016s this fall, and a delay for most of the country to next year. Initially’s head moderator dismissed the tale as unreliable, but this image changed things, and it does lend credibility to the belief that GM has quietly revised its plans for reasons known only to itself. Click image to enlarge.
Why the changes in plans are being made has not been fully divulged. GM rep Kevin Kelly could only confirm that the 2017 model year will have one new color from the Disney Tomorrowland feature of the Volt, Citron Green Metallic. And, adaptive cruise control and Android Auto will also be made available for 2017 model year Volts.
The go, while not without precedent, is unusual, and there are potential pros and cons.
A con, obviously, is many buyers outside the select ZEV states will have to wait perhaps a quarter year or longer to get the Volt. A pro might be owners will get nearly one year’s worth of model equity as a bonus. That is, they will have a 2017 model ahead of schedule in 2016. Hypothetically, someone could return a car after a one-year lease and it would still remain as current model year.
Those are two possible ways to look at things. If we learn more on Chevrolet’s thought, we can report that later.

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