Central Florida EV Summit Scheduled Oct. 20-22

world news  %tages Central Florida EV Summit Scheduled Oct. 20 22 In anticipation of plug-in cars soon rising their numbers, public with a need to know are preparing.
To foster this, next month the University of Central Florida’s Electric Vehicle Transportation Center (EVTC) will host its first EV Transportation and Technology Summit.
The U.S. Department of Transportation-funded research gift was established in 2013 and from Oct. 20-22 leaders in the field will gather to discuss all things pertaining to the growing electrified vehicle world.
A major focus will be transportation plotting and infrastructure supplies, but this will be an all-encompassing event.
Speakers will take into consideration mainly all-electric cars, plug-in hybrids; where electrification is going, with actionable www.rawvehicle.com info for today.
EV Summit Goals
1. Increase awareness among key legislative, business and plotting officials
2. Grant a review of the current and near-term technologies
3. Review the current deployment accomplishments and outline the challenges going forward
Anyone is invited to register and attend. The event should be of particular interest to public whose personal life or professional organization will be directly affected by new plug-in cars this decade and beyond.
Progression has already begun, by year’s end America will have bought 400,000 highway legal plug-in electrified vehicles. This progression rate was quicker than that of regular hybrids last decade, and the market is projected from these first beginnings to accelerate.
“GM, Nissan, Tesla www.rawvehicle.com and others will offer affordable long-range EVs as ahead of schedule as 2016, which will dramatically enhance already impressive sales numbers,” says the EVTC. “Will your organization be ready to accommodate the growing presence of EVs?”

Expected to attend are:
▪ Transportation planners (MPOs, TPOs and DOTs)
▪ Plotting, design and policy analysis consulting firms
▪ Power service providers
▪ Legislative and private sustainability managers
▪ Generous-scale employersplug-in car
▪ Fleet managers


Kristine Williams, Center for Urban Transportation Research, USF
Christian Ruoff, Exciting Magazine
Linda Bluestein, National Clean Cities
Utility Diligence Panel, FP&L, JEA, Gulf Power, Duke, TECO, OUC
Zach Shahan, CleanTechnica
David Dunn & Daryl Greenlee, City of Orlando
Ashley Horvat, PlugShare
Britta Yucky, GM
Trev www.rawvehicle.com Hall, Clean Cities
Paul Steinman, FDOT District 7 Secretary
Richard Raustad, EVTC
Doug Kettles, EVTC
Jeff Cobb, Rawvehicle.com
Presentations will be given in time slots throughout the event.
Technology, Infrastructure, Product Development and Resources
▪ EV technology and standards
▪ EV charging technology, deployment and the grid
▪ EV R&D and the future
▪ EV infrastructure in the urban environment
▪ EVs, charging equipment, apps and other product offerings
▪ Resources available to support deployment
▪ EV Market & Technology Workshop
Plotting, Policy and the Future
• Public and policy awareness
• Current state of EV deployment
• Plotting for local and regional infrastructure
• Utility panel: EVs, renewables and energy storage
The event in Cocoa, Fla. is proximal to www.rawvehicle.com the Kennedy Space Center. Oct. 20 will see a tour of the space center for those signed up, and is otherwise a registration and reception day only. Presentations will take place Oct. 21,22.
Registration is $200 and sponsorships over and above this level are invited. Sponsors now include Nissan, Exciting Electric Vehicles Magazine, VIA Motors, and more.
For more information, please stay the EVTC website.

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