TOP 10 Luxury Hybrid Cars #1

The 2016 Tesla Model S ranks 1 out of 11 Luxury Large Cars. Test drivers report the 2016 Tesla Model S delivers incredible acceleration and a comfortable, composed ride along with intuitive tech features and ample cargo room. Auto writers rave about the 2016 Tesla Model S' exceptional power delivery and quick acceleration. It has precise steering and strong brakes, as well as a comfortable ride that’s still nimble around turns. Read more

Volta Volare Aeronautics Company Introduces Electric Plane

the Volta Volare aeronautics company of Portland, Oregon begins testing this spring on the Volta Volare GT4. It is the four-passenger carbon fiber aircraft that isn’t actually an electric plane but more of a hybrid plane, much like the Chevrolet Volt. The plane can travel 300 miles on battery power, then a 1.5-liter gasoline engine engages and extends the plane’s way to 1,000 miles. Read more