Hybrid Smart ForTwo

smart fortwo electric drive  %tages Hybrid Smart ForTwoThe little Smart ForTwo is a car that symbolized connection with nature. When fuel prices climbing above $4.00 per gallon, sales exploded for a short time.

Now the company has developed a completely viable hybrid vehicle called the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. Outside, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is differentiated from its internal cousins.

Two pods now keep tabs on the charge of the Smart's battery and how much the battery is either discharging or recharging in kilowatts. The ForTwo Electric Drive has recharging system capable of restoring up to 10 kilowatts at a time as you use the car's regenerative brakes.

The company explained that the car can be charged through usual 220 volt socket – the same current your dishwasher uses – in around 3 hours so long as the battery is between a 20-to-80 percent state of charge. If it is drained, you have to wait up to 8 hours to top off the cells. It is technically able to charge the ForTwo Electric drive via a standard 110 volt socket, though waiting times will increase to 13 hours. The range sits at 85 miles depending on driving conditions, or 4 to 5 hours of cruise time at usual highway speed.

smart fortwo electric drive  %tages Hybrid Smart ForTwoSmart is equipped with the standard one-liter three-cylinder gas engine and automated manual transmission, including a twenty-kilowatt electric motor that's capable of "boosting" up to Continue reading

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