Porsche Panamera

The 2016 Porsche Panamera ranks 2 out of 11 Luxury Large Cars. The 2016 Panamera is a great choice if you want the class-leading performance of a Porsche sports car and the spacious opulence of a luxury sedan, test drivers report.  The 2016 Panamera is a great choice if you want the class-leading performance of a Porsche sports car and the spacious opulence of a luxury sedan, test drivers report. The 2016 Porsche Panamera is one of the highest-performing luxury sedans on the market, critics say, with sports car-caliber handling and powerful engine options. They also praise its smooth ride. Read more

TOP 10 Luxury Hybrid Cars #1

The 2016 Tesla Model S ranks 1 out of 11 Luxury Large Cars. Test drivers report the 2016 Tesla Model S delivers incredible acceleration and a comfortable, composed ride along with intuitive tech features and ample cargo room. Auto writers rave about the 2016 Tesla Model S' exceptional power delivery and quick acceleration. It has precise steering and strong brakes, as well as a comfortable ride that’s still nimble around turns. Read more

BMW planning plug-in hybrid’s across entire line, starting with X5 SUV

BMW plotting plug-in hybrid's across entire line, starting with X5 SUVSpeaking at the Australian launch of the BMW X5 this week, BMW’s head of production line for generous vehicles, Peter Wolf, told motoring.com.au that the BMW's intention is to electrify their entire product line. The company is getting ready to launch sales of the BMW i3 electric city car, and the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Next on their list is the BMW X5 eDrive, a Plug-in Hybrid SUV.
Wolf told motoring.com.au, an Australian automotive news website, that "battery packaging issues" were the primary glide over before BMW would start building plug-in hybrid versions of their entire product line. Today the company has Hybrid versions of several models in their product line, and they "are plotting to have a plug-in hybrid [vehicle] in each and each model series."
The BMW X5 eDrive was shown earlier in September at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). It combines a turbo-exciting four-cylinder combustion engine with a 70 kW/95 hp electric motor. The battery pack provides enough range for 20 miles of all electric pouring. It uses the BMW xDrive technology to offer superior pouring characteristics via electronically controlled and fully variable distribution of drive between its adjoin and rear wheels. Power generated by either gas engine, electric motor, or both, is intelligently channeled to the rear or adjoin wheels in the precise ratio de rigueur for excellent propulsion and handling. BMW says this design will give assured traction and optimised stability in all weather and road conditions, coupled with increased agility through dynamically taken corners.
The electrified drive train enables BMW's engineers to unlock impressive potential for reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Fuel efficiency is said to be very high, perhaps above 60 MPG, while the emissions are the same as the Toyota Prius, or under 90 grams per kilometer.
Availability of the X5 eDrive is still unknown, with Wolf is saying that the vehicle is nearly ready to be launched, just not in 2014.

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Hybrid Smart ForTwo

smart fortwo electric drive  %tages Hybrid Smart ForTwoThe little Smart ForTwo is a car that symbolized connection with nature. When fuel prices climbing above $4.00 per gallon, sales exploded for a short time.

Now the company has developed a completely viable hybrid vehicle called the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. Outside, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is differentiated from its internal cousins.

Two pods now keep tabs on the charge of the Smart's battery and how much the battery is either discharging or recharging in kilowatts. The ForTwo Electric Drive has recharging system capable of restoring up to 10 kilowatts at a time as you use the car's regenerative brakes.

The company explained that the car can be charged through usual 220 volt socket – the same current your dishwasher uses – in around 3 hours so long as the battery is between a 20-to-80 percent state of charge. If it is drained, you have to wait up to 8 hours to top off the cells. It is technically able to charge the ForTwo Electric drive via a standard 110 volt socket, though waiting times will increase to 13 hours. The range sits at 85 miles depending on driving conditions, or 4 to 5 hours of cruise time at usual highway speed.

smart fortwo electric drive  %tages Hybrid Smart ForTwoSmart is equipped with the standard one-liter three-cylinder gas engine and automated manual transmission, including a twenty-kilowatt electric motor that's capable of "boosting" up to Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Demonstrated The Outlander Plug-In Hybrid

outlander mitsubishi hybrids  %tages Mitsubishi Demonstrated The Outlander Plug In Hybrid

Mitsubishi introduced the first Plug-in Hybrid car and it is the first permanent 4WD electric car in series production.

The Outlander Plugin-in Hybrid unique drive train combination of front traction/generator petrol engine plus front electric motor plus rear electric motor offers three driving modes: Continue reading

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Volvo Sells V60 Diesel Plug-in Hybrid

volvo v60  %tages Volvo Sells V60 Diesel Plug in HybridThe diesel is a solid 5-cylinder turbocharged unit, giving it 215 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque, while the electric motor is a 51 kW affair, with 148 lb-ft of torque. For example, the Nissan LEAF's motor produces 80 kW and 207 lb-ft of torque. The V60 is 400 pounds heavier than a LEAF, probably due to its SUV-configuration.

However, V60 has other virtues. First, it's a 4-wheel drive. The diesel spreads its power to the front wheels, whereas the electric motor works with the rear wheels. This set-up should provide better traction on snow, or for fast cornering. At very least, this hybrid should also be much more fuel-efficient than the standard diesel V60 model.

Driving as an hybrid, there are two modes: the normal mode, where the car minimizes the use of the diesel engine, and a power mode for the best performance. There's also a "Save" button which tells the car to not fully discharge the battery, after a long highway trip, the driver can switch to the pure electric mode for the last few miles returning home, driving silently through the neighborhood.

Volvo announced incredible 117 mpg fuel economy numbers driving in the normal hybrid mode, but there are too many factors to measure fuel economy of a plug-in hybrid. The 11.2-kWh battery pack is said to provide a 31 mile range, and while plausible, those are city miles.

volvo v60  %tages Volvo Sells V60 Diesel Plug in Hybrid

The final big issue is the price. Continue reading

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