EcoV Electric is new generation of electric vehicles for such price range

EnVironmental Transportation Solutions strength lies in 200+ years of knowledge, skills and experiences working for the major auto makers in Detroit in all areas. Company knows what must be done and they know how to use the system to do things with 1/100th the amount of capital.
Here is words of Richard Marks, President of EnVironmental Transportation Solutions, LLC: "We compare ourselves to more like a low capital intensive computer manufacturer, like Apple, to a high capital intensive automaker, say...just about anyone out there.
BWM brags about their new i3, which is a very nice car and one we don't compete against at all. They spent $2.4B in capital to put production in place and add to that R&D which is probably another $1/2B to $1B. They are going to produce 40,000 units per year at $45k a copy. BMW is getting great press for these efforts. Great!
We are creating a new company and have about $10M in equity today and need $10M to start production in 9 months! We will grow slowly and build 30,000 EcoV's per year at base price of $12K. With options it's higher price and some models are more expensive base price. In 5th year of production we will have almost $500M in sales.
But what really separates us is focusing our automotive know how on a market totally ignored by the car companies. That is why EcoV is a Superior Low Speed Vehicle and was designed based on what on customers wanted and we have delivered!" Read more

Price on Toyota RAV4 EV Is Announced

toyota electric cars rav4 ev electric cars  %tages Price on Toyota RAV4 EV Is AnnouncedToyota revealed the highly anticipated all-new Toyota RAV4 EV at the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles.

This all-electric SUV has an expected driving range rating of approximately 100 miles(140 kilometers) and charging time of approximately 6 hours on a 240V/40A charger. The RAV4 EV’s driving performance, dynamics and cargo capacity are equal to or exceed the gas powered RAV4 V6. Arriving fully-equipped with an MSRP of $49,800 the RAV4 EV doesn’t compromise on performance, comfort or versatility.

The RAV4 EV is the product of a unique collaboration with Tesla Motors. It is the only all-electric SUV on the market.

Twenty-two months after the project announcement, Toyota and Tesla engineers have succeeded in bringing an outstanding product to market in record time.

The RAV4 EV combines a Tesla designed and produced battery and electric powertrain with Toyota’s most popular SUV model. The collaborative team set its sights on refining the customer experience. From advanced charging options to interior comfort to interactive displays, the vehicle has been designed for customer ease of use and maximum vehicle range.

RAV4 EV offers an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride and comfortable handling due in part to its low coefficient of drag and low center of gravity. In fact, at 0.30 Cd, RAV4 EV achieves the lowest coefficient of drag of any SUV in the world. Compared with the gas powered RAV4, Toyota re-styled the front bumper, upper and lower grill, side mirrors, rear spoiler, and under body design to maximize air flow around the vehicle. The RAV4 EV’s battery pack is mounted low and to the center of the vehicle, giving a more sedan-like ride.

The front wheel drive RAV4 EV allows drivers to select from two distinctly different drive modes, Sport and Normal. In Sport mode, the vehicle reaches 0-60 mph(100kmh) in just Continue reading

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