Aluminum Grains As New Method To Power Electric Vehicles

aluminum  %tages Aluminum Grains As New Method To Power Electric VehiclesScientists in the Alchemy Research invented a process that produces energy from a reaction between aluminum and water.

Their Alydro energy system stores large amounts of energy inside small aluminum grains and release it on demand. Regarding to the scientists it can also store 70 times more energy per kg than present Li-ion batteries.

Although aluminum is known for its ability to store lots of energy, but one difficult things was to find a method to release it. Scientists in the company started researching alternative energies four years ago. They focused on how to take this energy and release it. After four years the method was found, using water.

The small reactor feeds on aluminum grains and water and produces hot hydrogen in 900 Celsius. The products of the reaction are hot air and water vapor which are later chilled and reused. Water is a catalyst, it is returned to the tank after the reaction.

The exist product of the reaction is solid aluminum-oxide also named alumina, which is fully recyclable.

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