Is the Magic Over for Tesla?

Tesla Motors Inc. suffered its largest one-month loss of market value in October amid concern among some investors that a fivefold stock-price surge outpaced the progression prospects for Elon Musk’s electric-car company. Read more

Hybrid, Electric Cars Engineered with EMT Safety in Mind, Too

So you want to save the environment and go green with your new hybrid car? Well, they’re safe for the earth, but are they safe for you or emergency responders in a car crash?
If you’ve recently taken a “green” approach to your life-style, you may be looking into getting a hybrid vehicle and all the benefits they grant to the reduction of the planets’ pollution problem. You probably have researched the topic extensively and may have chose that hybrid cars are worth their cost, but did you know that they pose harm to passengers and rescuers alike when involved in a car accident?
Hybrid cars all have a gasoline powered motor that is paired with an electric motor, as well. These electric motors are powered by generous battery packs that have high-voltage cables routing under the passenger compartment to glue it to the motor. These high-voltage cables are the main concern and safety issue with hybrid cars. Emergency responders are questioning the chances that they will be electrocuted if a cable is exposed. For example, if there is a break in the insulation for a high voltage cable, it may come in contact with:

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