5 Cars That Are Quicker Than a Tesla P90D

world news  %tages 5 Cars That Are Quicker Than a Tesla P90D With an estimated 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds, Tesla’s 762-horsepower all-electric P90D is quick, “Ludicrous” quick, in fact.
Ludicrous is what Tesla calls the next level beyond the all-wheel-drive P85D’s “Insane” speed mode for its newest upgrade to the dual motor beast of an ostensible family sedan, but is it the quickest street car anyone can buy?
Answer: it may be the quickest electric car in its class anyone can buy for its $119,400 entry price, but the P90D is not the outright quickest or fastest.

Ludicrous Mode Means Tesla Model S Is The Quickest Accelerating Car

Since we already posted a list of www.rawvehicle.com exotics that the most-potent Tesla beats, we plotting this time we’d look at a few cars remaining that it can’t beat – at least on paper.
5 Surprising Cars Not As Quick As Tesla’s ‘Ludicrous’ Model S
When testers get hold of the P90D but, who knows? It may even turn times below Tesla’s stated 2.8 seconds to 60 and 10.9 seconds in the quarter mile. That was the case for the P85D which has seen a tenth of a second of so shaved from its manufacturer-estimated 3.2 seconds.
Notably absent from our list is the Rimac Concept_One. Its spec sheet would lead one to reckon it should beat the Model S P90D. It is all-wheel-drive, all-electric. and has 1,088 www.rawvehicle.com horsepower, 1,000 pounds feet torque, yet its 0-60 time is claimed at 2.8 seconds, just matching the P90D. The four-motor, torque-vectoring limited-production machine also costs eight-times more at $1 million.
Additional, the traction control Tesla has engineered into the D cars is push-button simple to give up exact launches. All-wheel-drive gives a additional advantage over rear-wheel-drive cars that may turn quicker times in ultimate circumstances with an expert driver.
For example, Autocar in the UK tested a rear-wheel-drive Caterham Seven 620R – estimated at 2.79 seconds to 60 – and beat it handily on dusty tarmac with the “3.2 second” P85D because it had a superior launch in limited traction.
In the real world therefore, we believe the P90D will www.rawvehicle.com be seen beating many cars, even those which might do better under ultimate conditions.

With that caveat in place, following are cars that have clocked better than 2.8 seconds by at least a tenth of a second.
If anything, most cars on this list, except number 5, show how much farther one has to go – and waste – to get a car that can out-sprint a P90D to 60 mph.
5. 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition – 2.7 Seconds

As the P90D is to the electric world, the all-wheel-drive 545-horsepower, 463 pounds-feet GT-R could be said to be to the gas world – a lot of bang for the buck.
Not that it’s cheap, and only 150 Track www.rawvehicle.com Editions (with rear seats deleted to save weight) were made, but other members of the GT-R line have seen high 2 and low 3s, and the turbo car can be tuned for more.
Its $116,710 – $3,000 less than the P90D – price as tested made Motor Trend compare it to Lamborghinis and say the Nurburgring tuned car is a bargain at one-third the price.
The GT-R is also known to fans as Godzilla, and it weighs 3,881 pounds, in this area 1,000 less than the P90D.
4. 2013 SSC Ultimate Aero XT – 2.65 Seconds

Anything but an affordable alternative, the $750,000 SSC Ultimate Aero XT is not just in this area 0-60 times, and if geared only www.rawvehicle.com for that purpose, it could have possibly led this list.
The XT’s twin-turbo 6.9-liter V8 was rated for 1,300 horsepower, 1,004 pounds-feet of torque. Comparisons to the Tesla therefore are a bit silly, but its 0-60 time is one metric the P90D may really contest or come very close to.
Only five XTs were produced, and this is where comparisons end. Zero-to-200 mph was estimated at 15.65 seconds, top speed was 273 mph, and weight without fluids was 2,800 pounds.
That the Model S is even being considered alongside this supercar is a tribute to Tesla which is a production car that can seat up to five adults and two kids, and do it all in zero-emissions, silent comfort.
3. www.rawvehicle.com Ferrari LaFerarri – 2.4 Seconds

This one’s even a hybrid, but for $1.4 million, and with 950 total cattle from its V12 plus electric powertrain, you’d certainly expect at least 2.4 seconds now, wouldn’t you?
The carbon-fiber rear-wheel-drive exotic, weighing in at a scant 2,954 pounds wet doesn’t stop impressing after 0-60 or quarter mile but.
With 643 horsepower per ton, Road and Track recorded 0-100 in 4.7 seconds, 0-150 in 9.8 seconds, quarter mile at 9.7 seconds at 149.1 mph.
That quarter mile time is as quick as the 9.7-second BMW S1000RR motorcycle, and for cars it does pretty well. Oops. Wretched. Didn’t mean to show a $16,000 motorcycle could run with a premier supercar, but our urge to www.rawvehicle.com compare got away from us.
Really, what you’re also paying for is the Ferrari pedigree, all-around balance, incredible craftsmanship, and Ferraris don’t tend to depreciate which can’t be said for mere mortal vehicles, if you will. So if you have the coin and don’t wad it up, you can nearly thrash it and still call it an investment.
2. 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – 2.4 Seconds
With its governor deactivated, the Super Sport set a contested Guinness record of 267.8 mph.
Here’s another off-the-charts car that only just beats the Model S P90D by a few tenths, at least to 60.
The 8.0-liter W16-engine car produces 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 pounds-feet of torque which is routed through its 7-speed www.rawvehicle.com dual clasp transmission.
From 0-100 mph, Car and Driver reported it takes 5.0 seconds, and the quarter mile arrives in 9.7.
Since this car was produced, Bugatti, owned by Volkswagen Assemble, has released a Grand Sport Vitesse, and its pending 2.0-second-to-60, 288-mph Chiron is due to have 1,500 cattle to help push idiotic speed for idiotic money.
The four-year-ancient Super Sport was governor limited to just 258 mph, but over 270 is the new entry level for cars that make suitable playthings for Saudi princes.
1. Porsche 918 Spyder – 2.3 Seconds

A plug-in hybrid, and now also sold out, the 918 Spyder needs the race-tuned V8 part of its powertrain to clip off the astonishing 2.3 seconds, but it’s www.rawvehicle.com less impressive in all-electric drive.
Electric range is 12 miles, and 0-60 is 6.1 seconds for the 100-pound lighter, 3,602-pound Weissach package model. That’s quicker than a Toyota Camry by in this area one second, but it goes to show what a infrequency Tesla is now producing.
Let the rowdy gas come on but, and you have 887 total cattle, far more than the 279 electric.
Other tests have seen it clock half a second slower to 60, so here too is where skill come into play.
Starting at $845,000 the 918 Spyder – 918 were made – was a relative deal for a bonafide supercar.
Porsche says it has cultured lessons to trickle down to hybrids and electric cars www.rawvehicle.com to come.
Maybe one day they can even make an all-electric car that will beat a Tesla.

Reactions to passengers in the P85D. The quicker P90D is expected to accelerate at an initial 1.1 g from go.

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