2012 Volt Has Gone 247,585 Miles, Farther Than Moon is From Earth

world news  %tages 2012 Volt Has Gone 247,585 Miles, Farther Than Moon is From Earth If it were possible to have driven honest to the Moon, Erick Belmer of Ohio and his 2012 Volt would have gotten there by now – and 35 percent of it was on electricity.
The Moon is 238,857 miles away from Earth, and since buying the extended-range electric car 3.25 years ago in Development 28, 2012, Belmer as of yesterday had logged 247,585 miles with lifetime mpg of 59.4.
Of course the mpg is augmented by electric use, and all data really is held up for close examination on Voltstats.net, which shows “Sparkie” the Volt is performing admirably and its battery is holding up well.
Belmer www.rawvehicle.com reportedly drives 240 miles on a typical around-trip commute and has logged 430 on a release day – day in, day out – and the miles are racking up quick.
At the 200,000 mile mark, Belmer provided InsideEVs this depiction of himself with the car.
In gas only operation, a 2012 Volt is EPA-rated at 37 mpg on premium gas but it gets a boost in its daily average by 35 miles rated range.
Belmer was reported as saying he typically sees 40 miles all-electric range which dips lower in the winter. Unclear is whether intraday charging is being done, but with 35 percent EV miles and mostly highway pouring, it appears likely.
According to InsideEVs, which wrote in this www.rawvehicle.com area Belmer’s car a year ago when he had 146,000 miles, the only service he’d needed to perform was replacement of a aptly-adjoin wheel bearing. Maintenance consisted of oil changes each 38,000 miles, and tire rotations at 10,000 mile intervals.
Source: Voltstats.net. Data is parsed numerous ways on this site.
The oil changes come few and far between because the Volt’s gas engine does not always run as would be the case with a square internal combustion vehicle. More mileage is thus accrued, so 38,000 miles between oil and filter replacement does not constitute neglect or that a new miracle oil is being used.
At the 146,000 mile mark – 52,734-plus miles done solely on electricity – Belmer was quoted www.rawvehicle.com as saying he was very pleased with the Volt.
“This is the first car I’ve bought that I truly feel I got more vehicle than I paid for!”
At the 200,000 mark, written in this area seven months ago by InsideEVs, Belmer again praised the Volt.
“Volt is holding up flawlessly! No noticeable battery room loss. Used 9.7 kw because it’s a 2012. I am so pleased with this vehicle!”
“The Volt was always my dream car! To get to drive it everyday is a dream come right! This car is Wonderfully engineered!”
With his first Volt holding up string, Belmer now has two Volts. His original by all financial statement continues to log lots of miles with no signs www.rawvehicle.com of failure reported.

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