Countdown: Eight Months To Tesla Model 3 Release Date

Countdown: Eight Months To Tesla Model 3 Release Date The Tesla Model 3 may be the most anticipated electric car on the horizon and as public search for news, a few tidbits of new and seemingly new information surfaced last week.
Some of it appears to be conjecture, but Autocar, a widely read publication in the UK last Thursday authoritatively stated the Model 3 “will be revealed Development 2016,” around eight months from now, and will go on sale in mid-2017.
The has been selected up and re-reported, but the date-certain statement really adds to something Elon Musk said in May.
“We are looking to start production of the Model 3 in second half of 2017,” Musk said with less than full certainty. “We are hoping to show the Model 3 in Development (or around then) of next year.”
Quicker Than Original Model S P85 Performance?
What may be a revelation to some but is the Model 3 – which is broadly reported to be a competitor to the pending “200-mile range” Chevy Bolt and 200-250 mile estimated range next-generation Nissan Leaf will be more than that.
Without revealing where it cultured it, Autocar said the Model 3 won’t just be a Bolt or Leaf beater, it could be a BMW M3 beater and vie head-to-head with potent gas-powered cars in this echelon coupling up to “300 miles” e-range with a blazing quick 0-60 time.
“[S}ources have indicated that performance up to 62 mph could eclipse that of the BMW M3, which minutes a 0-62 mph time of 4.1 seconds,” said Autocar.
Is a 200-Mile EV the Next Automotive Benchmark?
While readers having seen the 0-60 mph time of the Model S plummet with a 3.2-second “Insane” P85D last fall and 2.8-second “Ludicrous” P90D, 4.1 seconds is still aptly quick, and the Model 3, said Autocar will be quicker.
Note the measurement is 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in Europe which could mean under 4 seconds to 60 from Tesla’s $35,000 and up “entry level” car meant for “the masses.”
If right, the financial statement Tesla may beat the fastest 4.2-second Model S of just a couple years ago, which to many might come as no surprise given the company’s over-the-air updates, and continual evolution philosophy.
For now this statistic too is not verified by Tesla which has successfully prevented nosy cameras from detecting any test mules or preproduction prototypes of the “volume” EV expected to increase its progression. Read more

Refer 10 New Tesla Buyers, Get a Free Model X

Refer 10 New Tesla Buyers, Get a Free Model X Tesla is starting a new referral program that will encourage public to refer new car buyers to the brand with a chance to get a free Model X.
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, clarified the new discount strategy yesterday during an earnings call yesterday afternoon. Simply place, current Model S owners can refer new car buyers, who will get a $1,000 discount on the buy of their new Tesla. Those who referred their acquaintances will also get a $1,000 credit towards the buy of a new Tesla.
But Musk is channelling his inner Billy Mays and is offering even more with this program. Owners who refer five new buyers will earn a tour of the Gigafactory while if they refer 10 new customers, they get a $20,000 discount on the new Founder’s Series Model X. Finally, helping to kick things into action, if you’re the first in your region to refer 10 new Tesla customers, a fully-loaded Model X is all yours at no charge.
The program runs through October 31st of this year, and is only available for buyers of new Teslas although Musk suggested it could extend to used car sales if successful.
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Elon Musk Signs Letter Urging Military To Cancel Military Robots

Elon Musk Signs Letter Urging Military To Cancel Military Robots Just as patrons are keenly hoping for driverless cars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and hundreds of other leaders are urging military researchers to be careful what they wish for.
Not quite predicting the day that Skynet becomes self aware, Musk, Stephen Hawking and hundreds of others are urging them to stop development of autonomous artificial intelligence weapons.
The call for the worldwide ban is intended as a poignant weep now that more than unintended consequences, the consequnces of terrorists getting these weapons within years are predictable and inevitable, and beyond doubt not excellent
This is according to an open letter revealed Monday at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Buenos Aires.
Disparate benign driverless cars to convey passengers, the types of self-guided, thought machines openly feared are ones that can target public and do them at will without human guidance or risk to a human operator.
“Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has reached a point where the deployment of such systems is — practically if not legally — feasible within years, not decades, and the stakes are high: autonomous weapons have been described as the third revolution in warfare, after concentrate and nuclear arms,” says the letter. Read more

Audi C-BEV Concept To Be Shown In Frankfurt Prior To Q6 EV

Audi C-BEV Concept To Be Shown In Frankfurt Prior To Q6 EV The Audi C-BEV concept will debut in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, likely previewing the upcoming Q6 electric crossover.
Renderings of the Audi C-BEV concept made an ahead of schedule appearance on the Internet today, revealing what will likely be the recently believed 2019 Audi Q6 aimed to take on the Tesla Model X electric crossover. Sporting a sleek profile and four doors, the C-BEV concept has a sports car-like roofline and blends a bit of all from Audi: styling from its Avant wagons, Allroad crossovers and its existing Q models.
Audi R&D head Ulrich Hackenberg confirmed earlier this year that the German automaker was developing a “battery-powered sports activity vehicle in the generous premium segment with a range of more than 500 km (310 miles).” Expected to sport the Q6 nameplate, the model will go on sale in ahead of schedule 2018.
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Meanwhile, Audi officially teased new lighting technology that will also debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show called Matrix OLED that will “enable a previously unattainable level of lighting homogeneity, opening up additional creative opportunities for design,” according to automaker. Initial projects are now in development to implement the technology in production tail lights and will be shown for the first time on a concept car (likely the C-BEV) at Frankfurt.
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Texas-Based Company Giving Away 10 New Teslas

Texas-Based Company Giving Away 10 New Teslas By no means mind that Texas is in a stand-off with Tesla over rights to open stores, Stream is bringing 10 new Model S sedans to its Dallas headquarters to give away for free.
The company, a “provider of air force for the connected home, including Energy Air force, Mobile Air force and Protective Air force,” will do the honors this Saturday as a perk for its top performers.
“We always strive to reward our associates with unusual perks for their dedication and hard work,” said Mark “Bouncer” Schiro, president and CEO, Stream. “Like Tesla, Stream is committed to innovation and revolutionary thoughts, so the choice to offer an all-electric Tesla was a exact contest.” Read more

Momentum Dynamics Says Wireless Electric Car Charging Is Ready Now

Momentum Dynamics Says Wireless Electric Car Charging Is Ready Now Imagine being able to wirelessly recharge an electric car in less than one hour instead of plugging in and waiting 4-7 hours or longer.
Far off future fiction? No fact today, and something Momentum Dynamics has working in prototype form as it quietly works with companies intent on incorporating inductive charging technology into passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
This is according to the company’s CEO, Andy Daga, who we sat down with this week for a progress report on what may be the most powerful wireless inductive technology going.
Due to nondisclosure agreements, Daga is for now mum on household name clients being worked with, but he describes a push by nearly all automakers and those in commercial transportation toward charging that doesn’t need plugs and cables. Read more

Average Age For Cars in US Increases To 11.5 Years

Average Age For Cars in US Increases To 11.5 Years The average vehicle on U.S. roads is roughly 11.5 years ancient.
That means that the average car pouring beside you was bought groundbreaking new in 2004 (like the 2004 Town, seen above). According to IHS Automotive, overall vehicle registrations have grown by 2 percent compared to last year, and now sit at a record 257.9 million cars and trucks on U.S. roads.
Since IHS started tracking vehicle age in 2002, the average age has consistently gone up thanks to the ever better reliability of new vehicles. On average, new car buyers hold onto their cars for 6.5 years, while buyers of used vehicles tend to hold onto their cars for five years.
The report also shows that the roads are no longer dominated by ancient trucks, as the average age of cars has now caught up and sits on par with pickups.
Climbing new car sales will likely slow down the aging of our automotive fleet, which IHS predicts will hit an average of 11.7 years ancient by 2018.

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Camouflaged Hyundai Hybrid Spied

Camouflaged Hyundai Hybrid Spied With a teardrop profile culminating in the hatchback’s high rear deck, a recently spied camouflaged mule could easily be mistaken as the next Toyota Prius. But it isn’t.
The photos, captured by, are really of a Hyundai hybrid in testing. To date, Hyundai has been tight-lipped in this area this new hybrid. It’s been known for a while that one was in the works for the Korean automaker, but, with spy shots capturing Elantra GT mules outfitted with hybrid powertrains last summer.
There have yet to be any official comments on the car from Hyundai, though, and previous remarks have only addressed the subject in broad stipulations:
“We will take the lead in the future by raising the competitiveness of our environment-forthcoming cars like hybrid-only cars, plug-in hybrid cars and fuel cell hydrogen cars,” stated CEO Kim Choong-ho.
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For its new hatchback, Hyundai will likely build off its successful Sonata Hybrid (pictured above). Many carmakers are now chasing Toyota in the hybrid market, and the Sonata Hybrid is the only non-Toyota model in hybrid charts top five sellers. Last month, Sonata Hybrid sales accounted for 7.22 percent of the hybrid market, directly behind the Prius Liftback, Prius C and Camry Hybrid.
To see the full gallery of spy photos for Hyundai’s hybrid, and compare it to the Toyota Prius below, click here.
2015 Toyota Prius.

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