Honda HR-V Set To Launch In Los Angeles

Honda HR-V Set To Launch In Los Angeles Honda revealed its all-new Honda HR-V entry crossover will make its North American debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show on Nov. 19.
The HR-V, already known as the Vezel in other markets, will serve as the entry point to the Honda light truck lineup; Honda said it is positioned below the CR-V in both price and size and competing in an all-new segment for the brand.
Honda added the HR-V is anticipated to launch this winter. Built on the same global compact platform that underpins the Fit, the HR-V is said to feature a versatile and spacious interior helped by a center fuel tank layout.
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The HR-V will be equipped with the Honda-special Key Seat, which allows for multiple seating configurations and the skill to fold the second row seat completely flat for added cargo space, clarified the company.
The HR-V or Vezel is available in hybrid version in other markets. We’ll have to wait for the reveal in Los Angeles to know exactly the powertrain choices to be existing in North America.

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Tesla On Track To Sell 50,000th Model S This Month

Tesla On Track To Sell 50,000th Model S This Month Tesla may have just announced the quickest 0-60 sedan, but just as notable is how Model S has sprinted from 0-50 – thousand sales that is – as it’s on track for 50,000 globally by the end of October.
Estimated sales through the end of September are 46,928 according to various reports and Tesla’s quarterly shareholder letters through June. It’s said the automaker will have delivered as many as 51,300-plus units before November 1, although there is room for error in the actual count.
That notwithstanding, it won’t be long now, and this shows the electric luxury performance sedan has grown its global market and maintained well loved interest to accelerate sales on par with a far-cheaper Nissan Leaf.
It took established automaker Nissan around two years, two months from December 2010 through its mid-February 2013 announcement of its 50,000th Leaf sale worldwide. The Model S costing two-three times more, could cross that milestone in only around one extra month. Read more

Ford Cuts $6,000 From Focus Electric; Now $29,995

Ford Cuts $6,000 From Focus Electric; Now $29,995 Ford Motor Co. has confirmed another slashing of the Focus Electric’s price by $6,000 to $29,995 including dealer shipping charge.
The converted all-electric 2012 Focus started sales in 17 initial markets in November 2011 at $39,995 with first deliveries in December. In July 2013 received a $4,000 cut, and now if anyone questions whether Ford wants to go more units, it’s effectively 25 percent off.
While ahead of schedule reports suggested it was essentially a compliance car, Ford product communications representative Aaron Miller today observed the Focus Electric is available now in all 50 states and Washington D.C.
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“The Focus Electric has provided customers the design and engineering of the world’s best-selling nameplate combined with unrivaled fuel economy,” said Miller to “We hope by reducing the price, we will give more patrons another reason to consider it.”
Model year 2014 cars had already been receiving a $6,000 discount, and Miller said 14s will be discounted as are 2015s on the sticker. The price cut mirrors other cuts to plug in cars such as by Chevy for its Volt, Mitsubishi for its i-MiEV, and Nissan for its Leaf which as of 2013 was priced at the sub $30,000 level Ford is now offering.
Focus Electric on the assembly line.
But the Ford has sold fewer than 4,000 units for as long as it’s been on the market. From January through September, the automaker went 1,534 Focus Electrics compared to Nissan’s 21,822, and even the California and Oregon-only Chevy Spark EV has sold 895.
The Leaf and Focus are quicker in size to one another and offer effective range in the 80-90 mile locality, depending on how one drives. The Leaf is a purpose-built EV with battery in the stump. The Ford is an adaptation, but does one better with liquid cooling thermal management.
Since its launch, Ford has broadened the Focus Electric’s market and its price is now lower despite ahead of schedule statements by Ford execs signifying the EV was a niche car, and its battery costs a king’s ransom.
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New Look For Detroit Electric

New Look For Detroit Electric Detroit Electric, in the center of reviving the brand and launching its first new vehicle, revealed a new brand identity and a slight glimpse of the EV’s look.
As the preparations for the introduction of its SP:01 electric sports car are underway, global Detroit Electric has revealed a hint of the final exterior design of the company’s new vehicle.
The company said this new brand identity includes a new corporate logo and color palette. Detroit Electric has also released a “teaser” record and is finalizing a new-look website that will support the introduction of the new corporate identity.
The re-brand is described by Detroit Electric as the newest initiative in the company’s marketing strategy as it gears up for the start of sales of the SP:01.
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The company’s logo has been modernized to reflect Detroit Electric’s pioneering and energetic values, stated the company. A restoration of the original around Detroit Electric badge, the new logo has evolved to reflect the brand’s new colors of blue and white, while maintaining the art deco character and integrity of the original styling.
As is customary in the auto business, the new logo will be showed as a badge on the company’s pure electric vehicles, as well as on future products, and for corporate communications applications. Read more

Nissan Leaf One Of Eight Good Housekeeping Pick

Nissan Leaf One Of Eight Good Housekeeping Pick The 2014 Nissan Leaf SL is named top “Roomy Electric” vehicle pick in the Excellent Housekeeping November buyer’s guide.
The choice was selected by the Excellent Housekeeping Institute (GHI).
The Leaf is one of eight cars selected in the GHI’s annual car review. The institute said theLeaf was specifically noted for its “impressive” cruising range, value enhanced by available federal and state tax incentives and segment-special Around View Monitor, fantastic for parking or financial help out.
Excellent Housekeeping added its top cars were selected based upon track performance, performance while pouring on suburban roads and highways, as well as evaluations on the ergonomics and convenience features of the vehicles.
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Driverless Audi RS7 Blazes Around Hockenheim Race Circuit

Driverless Audi RS7 Blazes Around Hockenheim Race Circuit His name is Bobby, and he’s a really quick driver. Really, Bobby is a robotically controlled Audi RS7 piloted pouring concept that drives as well as pro drivers, and he got to show this to the world on Sunday.
It happened before the start of the DTM race. Bobby and another RS7 sports sedan with driver at the wheel were turned loose on Germany’s Hockenheimring. The RS7 with no human in the car this time went five seconds quicker at speeds up to 150 mph during a lap of just over two minutes. Read more

Tesla Cries Foul In Michigan

Tesla Cries Foul In Michigan Tesla Motors has issued another blog post decrying the newest politicized skirmish between state government official and auto dealer associations, this time in Michigan.
Its post outlines what Tesla stipulations “dark-of-night tactics” used by dealers concerned that their arguments could not face the light of day.
“This amendment goes even additional,” writes Tesla of a last minute wording change to otherwise general legislation now on the governor’s desk. “It also seeks to prevent Tesla from in commission a gallery in Michigan that simply provides information without conducting sales. We could even be barred from telling public in this area our car.”
The bill is HB5606, which the post says was at first only a release amendment to existing law to prevent dealers from adding fees to vehicle prices, and this was for all brands, but somehow it became an exclusion against Tesla.
“Not content with enshrining their skill to charge patrons dubious fees, on the last day of the legislative session, the dealers managed to make a last-minute change to the bill in an attempt to cement their broader retail monopoly,” writes Tesla. “Using a procedure that prevented legislators and the public at generous from knowing what was experience or allowing debate, Senator Joe Hune added new language in an attempt to lock Tesla out of the State.
Allegations by Tesla include cronyism catering to battle contributions to Senator Joe Hune from the state auto dealer lobby, and favoritism by him given his wife’s firm lobbies for it.
“This anti-competitive behavior mirrors similar tactics in New Jersey and Missouri, where dealers have resorted to backroom biased maneuvers to shore up their monopolies,” writes Tesla.
Tesla is asking its supporters to weigh in and question the governor to veto the legislation. He meanwhile is reportedly in a tight spot in this home state to the Detroit Two automakers between conflicting desires of his constituencies.
Tesla says it wants him to “return the issue to the legislature for a full and open debate in 2015.”
Tesla Blog

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Will Cadillac’s New EV Make It As A Tesla Alternative?

Will Cadillac’s New EV Make It As A Tesla Alternative? With its back against the ropes, Cadillac aims to come out swinging against each major luxury brand with 5-10 new models by 2020, including an all-electric model yet to be defined.
In its sites particularly are top-shelf square German cars, but how a future Cadillac EV would compete against a Tesla – Model 3 or Model X or Model S – is just as much an open inquiry.
According to Reuters, there is no suggestion from the company’s new boss, Johan de Nysschen, in this area the pure EV’s intended price, size, type, range or anything – just that it is approved and development work is underway.
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de Nysschen’s long career has included time at the top of Audi and Infiniti and he’s now trying to shake up the 112-year-ancient American luxury brand which is being outsold two-to-one in its home market by German brands.
Among electrified vehicles, the company is also at work on a second-generation ELR – which may no longer be a two-door sports car – and a new model called CT6 to come in square and plug-in hybrid versions. Also a long-wheelbase CT8 or a CT9 is expected to go against the German elites including Mercedes-Benz S-Class later this decade, and given electrification in this segment also, some might surmise Cadillac could have a plug-in version of this plotted future flagship also.
“Probably 90 percent of Cadillacs sold in 2020 are cars that are [still] on the drawing board,” said de Nysschen, and there will be few carryover models remaining as he tries to shake things up.
Eventually, de Nysschen wants no more excuses for the Cadillac brand, and wants to turn tables by growing its European market share after 2020.
“We have in this area five years before we can come to Europe (with) the aptly products,” he said.
With models mentioned and others including a couple of crossovers above and below the SRX, Cadillac will be taking on the best of the best. Read more