Turbocharging In Your Future?

Turbocharging In Your Future? With the need to downsize engines, reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption, turbocharging has become a technology many manufacturers are rotary to.
Honeywell Turbo Technologies (HTT), one of the leading global developers of automotive turbochargers, released its Global Turbo Forecast that estimates the diligence will generate $12 billion in revenue by equipping 49 million vehicles with turbochargers annually by 2019.
The continued progression of turbocharging technologies will be driven by supplies for manufacturers to meet global environmental emissions regulations and bolstered by strong demand in emerging markets, said the turbo manufacturer in its forecast report.
Downsized turbocharged engines are a “no compromise key” for automakers seeking to satisfy more stringent global fuel economy and emission regulations and customer demand for better-performing vehicles, clarified HTT. Turbochargers can help downsized engines improve fuel economy as much as 20 to 40 percent in gas and diesel engines, respectively, when compared with larger naturally aspirated engines and still grant the same or better engine performance. In addition to humanizing fuel efficiency, downsized turbocharged engines also reduce harmful exhaust emissions.
“Continued pressure to improve the driver encounter and meet future diligence supplies is spurring the positive trend seen in this year’s forecast, which include double-digit progression in both North America and China,” said Honeywell Transportation Systems president and CEO Terrence Hahn. “We expect the diligence to produce more than 200 million new turbo-equipped vehicles during the next five years, pouring continued demand for well-designed, boosted engines that reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle performance.”
IHS Automotive Senior Director for Long Range Plotting Philip Gott has been tracking the automotive diligence and the technologies automakers are using around the world to help improve performance.
“During the past decade, turbochargers have went from a niche technology in the high- performance market segment to an integral part of manufacturers’ mainstream emission control and fuel economy strategies,” Gott said. “Because they are compatible with virtually all engine technologies, they represent a global progression opportunity, making substantial gains even in the limited-progression markets of the U.S., Japan and Europe.”
HTT’s forecast report listed the following to illustrate turbo progression worldwide: Read more

Ram Ramps-Up 1500 EcoDiesel Pickup Production Due To Popular Demand

Ram Ramps-Up 1500 EcoDiesel Pickup Production Due To Popular Demand Today Chrysler Assemble’s Ram Truck announced it would double its production of its light-duty Ram 1500 with EcoDiesel to 20 percent of the vehicle line after an initial rush of orders and ongoing 60-percent conquest sales.
The truck is the only light-duty diesel pickup of its class sold in the U.S., EPA-rated for rear-wheel-drive the highest mpg at 20 city, 28 highway, 23 combined and Ram says 20 percent doubles its initial sales expectations.
“When the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel opened for orders earlier this year, Ram Truck received more than 8,000 requests within three days, which quickly filled the initial allocation for the special powertrain,” said the company.
“Innovation sometimes comes with risk, but being first to market with a diesel engine for the half-ton segment has shown to be a fantastic choice for the Ram Brand,” said Bob Hegbloom, President and CEO — Ram Truck Brand, Chrysler Assemble LLC. “The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is a game-changer in the diligence, and has proved to be a key to conquest sales over our competitors.”
At the heart of it is a 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel engine equipped with a TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission. Rated power from the turbocharged 60-degree, DOHC 24-valve engine is 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.
Ram says this is “more efficient than all V6 gasoline engines in the half-ton category” and the truck provides up to 9,200 pounds of towing capability. Read more

Elon Musk To Speak January At Automotive News World Congress

Elon Musk To Speak January At Automotive News World Congress The 39th annual Automotive News World Congress will feature Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a speaker Tuesday, January 13.
These events normally attract diligence bigwigs and other influential public to speak to attendees from the automotive retail and manufacturing world, and Automotive News made a separate news brief to note Musk’s appearance.
“The 43-year-ancient native of South Africa this month ranked No. 1 on a list of “top disrupters” by Vanity Honest,” noted AN.
In essence, Musk will be speaking to public who are among the most directly disrupted by what Tesla is attempting to do, as AN notes after noting Tesla’s well-known to its readership’s sales and stock market successes.
“Meanwhile, Musk continues to defy the franchise dealer system with his direct sales approach, sparking challenges in courts crosswise the country,” said AN. “He is also CEO of rocket maker Space Exploration Technologies Corp. and chairman of solar power provider SolarCity.”
What will Musk say? This was not revealed, but the address will be at 5 eastern time as part of a program titled “Setting the Pace in a Thriving Market.”
Automotive News (subscription)

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Passat Gets PHEV Version In Europe

Passat Gets PHEV Version In Europe Volkswagen is preparing a PHEV derivative of its new European Passat.
The eighth-generation Passat is now being launched in Europe, and Volkswagen already announced it will show the Passat GTE in a world premiere at the Paris Motor Show – the first Passat with a plug-in hybrid drive system.
VW announced it as a zero-emission and long-distance vehicle in one and available as a sedan or station wagon. Plug-in hybrid, in this case, means the amalgamation of a turbocharged direct injection petrol engine (TSI) with an electric motor, which is full with energy from an externally (or in Charge mode) chargeable 9.9 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. The gearbox is an automatic six-speed DSG with three clutches (dual clasp plus disengagement clasp) that was specially developed for hybrid use. Read more

GM Touts How It is Concealing Gen-Two Volt

GM Touts How It is Concealing Gen-Two Volt When the first-generation Chevrolet Volt was developed from 2007-2011, GM prided itself on its “transparency” but today it posted a press release touting how it hides the development of that plug-in car’s successor.
“The styling of the next-generation Chevrolet Volt is one of the automotive world’s best-kept secrets,” said Chevrolet communications in reference to the black and white swirl camouflaged vehicles we’ve seen images of. “Keeping customers and media keen to see the successor to the groundbreaking original at bay until the new Volt debuts at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January is tough business.”
To be sure many automakers camouflage their cars, but the policy and tone now that GM has went on from bankruptcy and restructuring contrasts with the words of the Volt’s original media representative spoken at the EDTA conference in Washington, D.C., in 2011.
“Our communications strategy beginning in 2007 was one that was very simple,” said Volt representative Rob Peterson, “For a company that was small on credibility and long on engineering talent, we were going to be as transparent as possible and that’s when the journey for the Volt truly started.”
Even though it could be uncomfortable for some traditionalists, Peterson said, the new policy was de rigueur.
“Now that is a challenging strategy for the public like Tony Posawatz [head of Volt line, and also in attendance there] and the development team to have a communications person stand by their side; want to showcase the wins and sometimes the stumbles along the way,” he said, “But it was needed in peacefulness for us to really succeed. Because our transparency is what built the credibility along the journey the past five years.”
Today’s GM press release instead touts how GM’s news is there is no news, and this is a very deliberate effort.
“If it were up to me it would be a shoebox pouring down the road,” said Lionel Perkins, GM camouflage engineer. “The design team wants us to cover more of the vehicle and the engineering team needs to have enough of the vehicle’s weight and aero exposed so that the tests in the development process are consistent with the product that will come to market.”
General Motors observes it does have the leading battery lab in North America, has tasked a watch team on Tesla, says it will be a major player in the electrification of the automobile, but its interests are best served by secrecy.
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To be sure, the prospect of cannibalizing existing products by promising better cars on the horizon is an ever present dilemma any automaker faces.
As it is, Chevrolet plotting it would be fascinating to readers to learn how cars are being camouflaged. It is engineers, not designers, who make these black and white swirled disguises.
“If not for the work done by the camouflage engineers, we couldn’t test these pre-production vehicles in their natural environments,” said Volt Chief Engineer Andrew Farah (pictured). “It’s critical for us to make sure we’re listening to customer wants for the next generation Volt, and the only way to do that is to be out in the wild, while keeping the design under wraps.”
Some of the tricks of the trade:
• Black and white patterns – The color scheme makes a shadow that hides vehicle design elements.
• 3D – Layered camouflage throws off onlookers, but has to be applied without interrupting airflow around the car.
• Swirls – In the ancient days of car camouflage, the design relied mainly on a grid pattern, but over the years engineers learned that grids are hard to realign if a piece is removed to make a change to the car. Swirl patterns better hide such developments.
• Bubble wrap – Camouflage can be made from many different materials including plastics, vinyl and foam. Excellent, ancient bubble wrap is a lightweight, easily attachable three-dimensional material used to confuse nosy eyes.
“The camouflage package on the next-generation Volt was started six months in advance of ahead of schedule development,” says Chevrolet. “Each vehicle is different and tricks are constantly updated to keep spy photographers and the unusual guessing.”
“Each car is unique. We are like a dress maker, and the car is our model,” said Perkins. “No two models are the same. We need to make the aptly dress that fits the body we are dealing with.” Read more

Kia To Show Optima T-Hybrid Diesel In Paris This Week

Kia To Show Optima T-Hybrid Diesel In Paris This Week This week in Paris Kia will showcase its mild hybrid diesel “Optima T-Hybrid” which it first previewed Development this year in Geneva.
Powered by the company’s production 1.7-liter CRDi turbo diesel, Kia has paired a 48-volt battery and small electric motor which it says allows limited pure EV pouring at low speeds and when cruising.
A record posted with cutaway animation of the powertrain in operation but says “electric supercharger” not “turbocharger,” so we expect more clarification on this.
When this powertrain may be place into production or whether it makes it to the U.S. any time soon is to be determined.

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Newport Coachworks Expanding In Riverside, Calif.

Newport Coachworks Expanding In Riverside, Calif. Green Automotive Company (GAC) announced last Thursday its core activity, Newport Coachworks, is expanding its production gift in Riverside, California.
This progression, says the company, is being done in peacefulness to meet the rising demand from customers for its shuttle buses.
GAC said today all Newport Coachworks production activity is carried out in its 20,000-square-foot plant in Riverside. The company has just signed a contract to rent an additional 12,000-square-foot building two miles away from its existing gift.
Construction work has started, added GAC, to adapt it to the company’s supplies. The new gift will be ready in ahead of schedule October and the entire final assembly process will be located there. The building will also grant new commercial offices including design and development, a small show room and a customer reception area.
GAC clarified all fibreglass and frame construction as well as paint operations will continue to be done in the original factory. This expansion allows Newport Coachworks to go from a production room of 2 buses to 4 or 5 buses per week and should eventually use an additional 20 workers.
“The expansion, which represents a 50 percent increase in production space, will help to meet the continuous progression in demand for our products. August has been a particularly strong month for us – underlining the need to expand,” said Carter Read, President of Newport Coachworks. “We expect this trend should continue as we sign additional dealership agreements around the country.”
Newport Coachworks is described by GAC as committed to producing eco-forthcoming vehicles that help to reduce CO2 emissions to build a sustainable future.

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Tesla Fighting With Iowa Dealers Over Test Drives

Tesla Fighting With Iowa Dealers Over Test Drives Tesla has had an up-and-down history with its direct-to-consumer sales model, with states like Arizona, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas and Virginia coming down hard against the California-based start-up. Now, according to a tale in the Des Moines Register, Iowa is another where dealer lobby groups have top secret how Tesla operates in the state.
The issue cropped up when Tesla organized a three-day test drive event in a hotel parking lot in West Des Moines, but after getting a stay from a representative of the state DOT, was mandatory to cancel the third day of drives. The DOT told the Register that it had been tipped off by the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association, and thus the test drives were illegal because Tesla isn’t accredited as a dealer and Iowa law forbids carmakers selling directly to the public.
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Paul Steier, director of the DOT’s Bureau of Investigation and Identity Protection, said that by offering test drives, Tesla was acting as a dealer. But, he did say it wasn’t illegal for Iowans to buy a Model S online, but it if a customer wants to try it out first, it couldn’t be in Iowa.
“There really is nothing in the law that would allow [Tesla] to keep” offering the test drive, Steier said. “We’re not at all opposed to their marketing. They just have to work within the laws of the state.”
Sorry to say, it doesn’t grow that Tesla is going to get much help in the state legislature, as representatives from both sides of the aisle seem to be sympathetic to the rules in place.
“I have diverse feelings in this area it because I really like the car and I really like what the car stands for,” said State Sen. Matt McCoy (D-Des Moines), chairman of the Senate Commerce Comittee. “But in Iowa we tend to respect our system and the way it was set up, and I don’t see any appetite to change that.”
Des Moines Register

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